You start looking for other jobs in the classified ads. Some look very attractive. Yet this same voice inside you tells you that the same process might repeat itself after the excitement of the new job fades away. 

​Instead of working on fulfilling someone else’s goals and dreams, what about yours? Why not be an entrepreneur or start a side business to earn an income? Instead of working on fulfilling someone else’s goals and dreams, what about yours? Why not be an entrepreneur or start a side business to earn an income? 

​You’re either your best motivator or your worst enemy 

You tell yourself: I can't do that...  I don't have the talent to do so.  

Besides... The risks are too great. I can't quit now and start a business? I need money to pay off my bills. I need money for food. 

​Starting a business is too costly. It is too great of a risk. You just are not born to be an entrepreneur. 

And so you resign to your fate. And you never intended to do so. You are a winner. Not a loser! 

​That is why you had great ideas on how to succeed! That is why you even put in the effort to apply for new jobs!

But then again, a few months later, which then turned to years, its back to square one. 

Money never seemed to be enough to support the lifestyle that you desired. Whoever who said 'money is not everything' either already has tonnes of it or is not concerned on enjoying the finer things in life. He or she is not even aware or chose not to be aware that to provide for a family, to provide for the kids, to pay the medical bills, we all need money.

It has been many years ago since you last decided to change your life for the better. 

Things are becoming more expensive, your job is getting tougher, you have more and more needs. You regret not taking action earlier. 

How did many years passed by so fast? 

You have chosen to spend your time on entertainment, watching re runs of dramas, movies, partying, enjoying the life. 

You have chosen to drown your sorrows instead of really taking action and take concrete steps to change your life for the better. 

Will you always have money for your needs?



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It’s never too late to rewrite your life story.

It is your choice to rewrite your life story or let it be written by the others.  

Fast forward another five years: Now you are still at the mercy of the employer but you are much older. The younger people at your workplace seem to be armed with the latest relevant work skills and for some reason,  your bosses seem to prefer them over you. You start to regret. Life is not getting any better. You could have done something in the past to put yourself in a better situation now.

All hope is not lost. There is still a chance. 

You need money for food - that lovely serving of cake down the street cafe costs you money. 

​You need money to buy clothes.

​You have got to work. Yet there’s a small voice inside of you that says, “You don't want to always rely on someone else to determine your life, right?” 

Your job may one day be gone...




It’s 6.30 a.m on a Monday morning. You wake up feeling lethargic although you’ve had your seven hours of sleep. 

You are beginning to find your job boring and tiring. 

The working hours are too long. 

You have too little time for your family and friends. 

You feel that you have put in your darn best in your job. Yet you’re always bypassed for promotions. It is always someone else who gets the promotion. 

You feel like quitting. 

The amount of money in your bank account looks pitiful.

You can't quit now. You have bills to pay. The rent. The utility bills. 

You can earn a source of passive income which may even outgrow your current earnings, given consistent time and effort. It could be the source of freedom and wealth that you have been looking for. And more importantly this passive income can be generated from around the world, minimizing your risk against economic downturns and inflation. 

​It could possibly make you stop relying solely on a job as the sole source of income provider. 

The best part - you can see the results after your consistent effort for 2 to 3 years, and have that income continue to grow with time. 

If you know you are going to get tired of your job someday... 

​If you want to be financially free and fire all your future bosses.

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Written by Abraham A. L.
25th May 2018

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