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When you judge others, you are hurting your own growth...



Hey! That guy or girl is (...insert an insulting comment here....) He or She is so (insert another insulting comment here...)  Sounds familar? Judging others is frowned upon in many societies. Yet that is what we do most of the time.  Why are we quick to judge and why is judging frowned upon in many faith and cultures?

We all have unique life experiences and values. Even within a community of people some hold on to certain values more than the others, some place greater emphasis on certain values. We all have our own unique perspective, our own lens that we view the world with.

It is hard not to pass judgement on people whose actions which are seemingly different from those that we normally carry out.

It is hard not to let your internal values take over your mind when someone commits actions which you would not normally do.

It is even harder not to judge and not to be internally ticked off when someone does actions which seems to go against values that you adhere close to, or goes against your well being.

It is only when  we allow our prejudices and bias to completely paint a person's reputation and affect our perception of his future course of actions and intentions that it becomes unhealthy. You may ask, why is it unhealthy when it affects your perception of the other person, especially when the other person may or may not have any bearing to your welfare.

Lets take the most humanely selfish stand : what if the person is of no benefit to you in and any form of prejudice against him does not reduce your well being even by a tiny bit? What if badmouthing this person does not cause you any harm?

Needless to say, the internet has caused a more liberal flow of information. Organisations are becoming less hierarchical. When one creates prejudice against another online, it may garner support as well as opposition. What is worse, anything that has been said online for better or worse can be captured permanently.

But these damages are somewhat superficial compared to the damage that your growth will experience. Your growth in wisdom. Your growth in the spiritual calmness. Your growth in maturity of thinking...

Everytime you allow your lenses to be permanently tinted, everytime you choose to wear your tinted lenses and everytime you choose not to remove your tinted lenses when you view someone, you are creating damage to your wisdom.

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Everyone is facing unique challenges in their lives and has a unique way of dealing with them. Unintentionally, they may have caused you to dislike them from. They may have reacted to situations in ways that you may not comprehend because they have a different thinking pattern from yours. They have a different value system, a different set of ideals and a different list of priorities. They have a different set of motivations.

We are similar but yet not so  similar at the same time. That is what makes life colourful and interesting. When you paint a prejudiced version of another human being, you are constantly tinting the lenses that you use in life. When you continuously wear tinted lenses, you are limiting the joy that you would otherwise obtain from accepting the various colours life has to offer. You are not allowing yourself to see life's various colours.

You are limiting the growth of your wisdom. You are limiting your understanding of life which will permeate into other aspects of your being. Life is colourful. Let the colours of life create joy in you. When you let your tainted view over rule you, that is when your understanding of life will follow fixed patterns and you will cease to grow in the depth of wisdom. When you let the perception of a person to be cast in stone without building a personal bridge to him or her, you are indirectly causing your maturity in thinking to slow down in its progress.

Everyone is facing a personal battle that is unique to him. Let us not judge others. Enjoy life by seeing the various colours that it has to offer. Lets not tint the lenses that we wear in our walk in life. Its not easy, but its possible.

Written by Abraham A.L on 17 Jan 2016

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