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What should we do when we lose focus?

What do we do when we lose our focus in our aims?

Losing our focus in our aims is not something that is unique to most people. With the fast paced world that we live on that is full of various distractions that steal our precious time, energy and attention away, it is not a surprising phenomenon to lose our focus in accomplishing our goals.

When we begin chasing after our goals, we are always full of zest and passion, we are always energetic.

The reality is, our energy may dwindle after a period of continuous effort and we may fall into despair, especially we start to hit a brick wall. Everything that we try seems to yield dismal results. That is when we start to fill in the void by allowing distractions to fill in our lives. Distractions may serve a good purpose when it helps to take away our negative emotions and recharge and refresh our passion, however when we allow negative time and energy stealing distractions to continuously rob our energy and focus away, that is when we have to really keep track of where our focus lies.

Thats when you have to realize that the path to victory involves a strong belief and a visualisation of your goal to keep it close to your heart. Write down what you wish to achieve and how you wish to achieve it and when you wish to achieve your desired goal and stick it somewhere where you can see it everyday, such as your bedroom door. Do a monthly review of how far off you are from your goal and restrategise and reformulate from time to time.

When your motivation runs dry and you start to lose your razor sharp focus and you start to get easily distracted, that is when you have to put this in mind :

The path of huge victories are usually not the path of leisure. Yes, one needs to love the process of his goal. But there will be times when love and passion takes a toll. Emotions wear down at a certain point in time. Your journey may not always be a chapter out of a love story as you proceed in achieving your goals. There will be times when you have to be a trooper and ignore the distractions and negative influences and just march on.

Great victories are not won overnight. The stylish, flawless moves that you see from the world class ballerinas and gymnasts are a product of years of regular consistent effort - they practice even during times when they are not at their best emotional state. The world class martial artist executes a flawless move and the professional musician plays a stroke of genius on his musical instrument  as a result of undying dedication over years of effort. The world class bodybuilders undergo a rigorous set of diet and training regime that most do not see.


What connects them all are persistence and continuous, repeated effort and perfecting their moves and efforts bit by bit, day by day, over a period of time. Yes they are human beings just like you and me. But what sets them apart from the average person are their focus and dedication towards their goals and the ability to realise that delayed gratification indeed pays off when they make sacrifices, when they consistently work hard with focus and continue to hone their craft and develop themselves over a prolonged period of time. Even in fairy tales, the heroes have to go through a struggle before they win the hand of their princess. Sometimes you have just got to soldier on in your efforts. You progress over a period of time and that comes as a result of continuous effort even when your passion is at a minimum level.

Discipline may not a sexy word. It is not a trait that is glorified in popular entertainment. We always see how cool heroes are, how cool successful people are and they are often portrayed as people who are just born with the luck, talent and skill, every touch they have is a stroke of genius that always never fail to bring the desired results.

One needs to realise this...

We fail to realise that to achieve big victories, we need the discipline to continuously persist.  But discipline is seen as military-like process, it is boring. It is not cool. We are all made to believe that success comes in easy. 'Eureka' moments may only come when we least expect it. Many may perceive self discipline as a boring way to pursue a goal. So is perseverance, a close cousin of discipline.

Now you have to picture this ; if you were to complete a 10 mile walk or run, you've got to continue  moving forward to complete the race, no matter what.

The little choices you make on a daily basis to not get distracted from your goal will eventually determine if you are able to successfully fulfil your goals or not. If you allow yourself to embrace one distraction a day, over a period of 7 days, you would have embraced 7 distractions!

If snacks are distracting you from your healthy diet, stock up your fridge with fruits instead of stocking up your cabinet with snacks, fill the space with what helps you to give distractions a miss.

If you decide to go to the gym twice a week, bring your gym outfit to work everyday - you will soon realize that you need to use it and stop allowing other distractions from taking over your life.

It is easy to be average, to accomplish the same amount like anyone else, you do not need to surmount huge obstacles, you do not need to take the path less travelled, you do not need to turn away from distractions. You just need to do what is normal and commonly done.

But to achieve the big goals that you have set, you need to focus and continuously refocus when you do get distracted. You need to reflect and restrategise when your goals are not working out. You need to continuously educate yourself with knowledge by reading books, articles or listening to podcasts and audio books that will move you nearer and nearer towards your goals. Just because you feel down on some days and feel depleted of motivation and passion does not give you the right to give up and fill the void with distractions to remove the feeling of guilt.

Fulfilling your goals is not just a matter of passion, but of discipline and perseverance as well. When your motivation runs dry, you need to persevere and have the discipline to stay on track and  refrain from getting distracted.

If you set out to walk 10 miles, the completion of your journey depends not just on the first few steps that you take when you are full of energy but also on every step that you take to move forward. And when your energy and emotion run dry, that is when you have to find that inner strength within you to persevere and continue the journey. And when you take little breaks in your journey to recharge, that is when you have to have the discipline to tell yourself to continue moving forward.

Commit to consistent actions. Commit to your goals. Learn to reject things that do not bring benefit to our journey. We all have 24 hours each day, if you were to spend time getting distracted with things that take your precious time, energy and attention from your goal, eventually your goal will start to slip and fade away from you.

Written by Abraham A.L on 8th Feb 2016

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