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What schools do not teach you about life - Part 2



This article which is the second in our five part series,

examines the role of the formal schooling in life.

It is contributed by a guest writer who believes that the relationship between school and life's success is unclear. 

Does doing well in school prepare us to be successful in life? 

Many would expect that the further one advances in the field of academia, the more he or she is perceived to be successful in their personal lives in time to come. 

However, this is not often the case when a student translates his academic success to the real world. 

Schools often don’t make the connection between what they are teaching and why they are teaching it, which means that students spend most of their time memorizing content and not applying it to real-life situations.

In addition, the world is changing so fast that what is taught may often not prepare one with what is to come in the future. 

For example, just because one can achieve good grades in school, there’s no guarantee that these good grades will extend beyond the formal learning institution and into their adult life. Doing well in school doesn’t necessarily mean that one will be a good parent, spouse, employee, or person.  

Schools have become a methodical process in which students are fed information or taught what information to look for, instead of seeking the information and knowing what type of information to look for, all by themselves. 

In the real world, those who achieve success have typically positioned themselves for it. Success is not simply handed to a person. 

They must grow, change, and adapt to different situations, and must be able to think quickly for themselves. And often the fruits of their labour will come only after an extended period of effort, some only after a few years.

The terms and semesters in an educational institution are often far shorter. You cram yourself up with the syllabus, understand how the questions in tests and exams are to be answered and you are most likely to get a good grade at the end of the term or semester.

There is some form of grading at the end of three to six months or even a year. You will progress to another level after that. 

Life does not work this way.

There are no neat compartments. Its messy. And you don't always 'move on' to a higher level after 3 or 6 months. 

Richard Branson, the founder of The Virgin Group, is considered one of the most successful businessman in the world.

As many would have already known by know; he did not complete his high school education. Currently, he has eight different billion-dollar businesses in eight different industries, but his education suffered a brief lifespan. It ended at the age of 15.

The business industry is filled with similar stories of successful entrepreneurs who didn’t rely on modern schooling to make them successful.

Success can mean many things, depending on how one defines its different aspects. 

Whether it is money and power, or happiness or living life in a satisfied manner, more can be attained with real world experience and intuition than with traditional school learning. 

Academic success, in theory, its own aspect of success, and one who excels in school may not find the skills they learnt to be applicable to their life unless they have chosen to pursue a career in the field of academia itself. 

From life lessons to practical math in everyday living and finances, many daily concepts go untaught in today’s schools, which are still focused on a predetermined syllabus which consist of what one needs to know upon graduation. 

As students transition from school to professional working life, they often find themselves unprepared in everyday situations, like smart credit card usage or appropriate health insurance policy purchases. 

It is one who is humble enough to continuously grow and learn who will eventually 'succeed' in life. 

School is not synonymous with success.  

Written by Abraham A.L.

7th May 2018

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