​What schools do not teach you about life - Part 1

Being an educator by profession, I realise that there are key pitfalls and limitations of the education system that I would like to highlight.  I am not anti-formal education. That would be contradictory to my personal stand. However, I would like to share the limitations of our education system so that readers of my blog would realise that to progress in life, one has to treat life itself as a learning process. 

As what Jim Rohn has said, 'Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.' 

Here in the first of a five part series, I have invited a few guest writers to write their opinions on the limitations of our education system.

3 things important in life that you don't get to learn in school

Many of us went school to get good grades and look for good paying jobs. However, education should be more than this; it needs to involve various lifer lesson and skills that a person can put into use after school. These essential life-skills help people navigate their future and ensure they are a well-rounded and successful individual.

Even with the fact many high schools and colleges nowadays are teaching numerous valuable skills, the current academic curriculum was not built to teach how to thrive in life. Some of the things that aren’t taught in traditional learning institutions, but they are what you need in real life includes financial responsibilities and investments, how to face real-world scenarios and how to think logically to retain information, instead of memorizing it.

So, are you ready to know the top 3 things you need in life but are not taught in school? Then read on…

1.    Managing or saving Money the right way

Schools are known to teach accounting, finance, etc. but they never teach or talk more about the importance of saving, or why it is essential that you keep your budget, how to manage your own money and the biggest one how the tax system works. Above all else, we have all once underestimated the importance of learning what the value of a dollar means. 

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2.    People are only looking out for themselves

School is one of the most competitive places you will be during your lifetime as students compete for grades; compete in sports and also lookouts for their teacher’s favor. However, there is nothing else that can teach you more about competition than when you leave school and make it to the next stage of life. The world is getting smaller day by day and technology is even adding up to this meaning that competition is getting bigger and bigger. Do you have to worry about your classmates while in school right? But, the moment you make it to the real world, everyone in the world is now your competitor. You always thought good grades were good motivation but wait till you see how money motivates people outside of school. 


​3.    The importance of being patient and staying positive

While in school you only make short term goals like getting A’s and moving to the next class, you get assignment during this period, and you complete them and then after three months or so, you get assessed on your work and receive your result. Real life does not work this way as our goals outside the classroom are much more long-term and can take years to transpire. For you to survive in the world, you need to learn how to keep a positive mindset for you to survive. 

That about sums up the limitations of formal schooling for now. Check out our other articles below!

Written by Abraham A.L.

16th April 2018

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