What is 'quality time'

(in a relationship)?

Definition of 'Quality time'.

Many of us have heard of and even used this term in our conversations.

According to the online version of Cambridge Dictionary, it is :
time that you ​spend with someone, giving them ​your ​full ​attention because you ​value the ​relationship.

Under normal conventions 'Quality Time' would usually mean an extended period specifically dedicated to the other person you are spending time with be it a couple of hours or even a vacation of a few days, with minimal interference and distractions. So in essence, you are deliberately setting aside space and time to create an atmosphere of trust.

How often is there 'Quality Time' ?

How does one create quality time if one is not even spending enough time with his loved one (or loved ones)? For an atmosphere of complete trust and a seamless flow of communication to be established, one has to spend sufficient time with his or her loved one. Therefore quality time arises only when there is sufficient time spent with the other.

For understanding, love and seamless communication to exist, one needs a sense of trust and trust requires time to be exist. Of course under very exceptional circumstances, everything may seem to 'click'.

In reality, how many moments of undisturbed and dedicated time does a working professional have for his loved one? For a start, just spending time with his loved one would be a more feasible measure. Have that simple lunch, make that sandwich, have a cup of coffee or catch that funny skit together, even if it just is a short moment. Do it as frequently as possible. Put away the notion of quality time which sounds more like a luxury than a reality. Just spend time, as much as you can with your loved one. Spend time laughing and chatting together, pouring out each others' concerns, sharing each other's perspectives. Eventually an atmosphere of trust will be established. Set aside sufficient time with your loved one on a regular basis. One needs a base of sufficient time spent with his loved one before 'quality time' can actually be achieved.

Written by Abraham A.L on 28 Dec 2015

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