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Top 3 skills to boost your career profile instantly!

1) Speaking and presentation skills

Humans are social creatures and one of the key components of socialisation is communication. Speech plays an integral part of communication. We are impressed with eloquent speakers, aren't we? Speaking and presentation skills should be consistently worked on. Of course, it goes without saying that you must back up your speaking and presentation skills with credibility and substance.

2) Problem solving

Companies hire people to solve problems and challenges. When you are able to solve problems, you are an asset. Build a solution-oriented mentality at work. Work on puzzles, read mystery and detective novels and do activities that will build your repertoire of problem solving skills. There are organisations who hire specialists to 'create problems' for them, [such as hackers and other types of troubleshooters ]. However - these are not problems in its traditional sense, they are real scenarios and possible problems that their customers are likely to face. So these problem creators could anticipate challenges for the company, devise contingency plans and come up with possible solutions. 

3) Mastering a new language

When you master another language, you are opening yourself up to the civilisation that uses that language. You are opening yourself up to its culture, people and history. You are opening yourself up towards opportunities to know and integrate into another society. What's more, you are a bridge between your own community and the other. Make it a point to speak to the natives of the new language that you have learnt to continuously hone your language capability.

Originally posted on on Dec 2015