The time machine

It is a lazy Saturday afternoon and you are on your way buy some food. You were walking along the street.

There is a time machine right in front of you. It is a special one, it could only transport you to the period twenty years ago. For some of you who were already alive and kicking back then, you are cautious, it might bring back negative memories, it might also bring back the good ones.  But you have decided to give it a go. For those of you who are too young to remember what has happened twenty years ago or have not been around yet, you are filled with curiosity in finding out how life was like in the not so distant past.

So you enter the time machine. The door behind you closes automatically. 'THUD'.  "You will now be transported to twenty years into the past", a male automated voice narrated. The sound of automated voices are familiar to you. There was not much movement in the time machine. In less than thirty seconds, you hear the same voice again. The date currently is 29th december 1995. You left the time machine immediately and you try to find a cafe nearby. Lo and behold. You recognize some of the places. They were still around before you went into the time machine. You got hungry so you tried to find a cafe nearby. Fortunately you still have some spare cash in your pocket. As you arrived at the entrance of the cafe, you realized that business is brisk. Of course it is what you would have expected on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Many would prefer eating out. The waiter politely requested you to wait for a few minutes while he clears up the table that had just been vacated.

While waiting, you noticed a scene that is very much different from that of the present time. People are not texting or busily entertained by electronic forms of entertainments. They were looking into each others' eyes. They were communicating face to face, feelings each others' emotions, communicating via body language, facial expressions. Their words were accentuated by the speed of their speech, the tone and the volume of the voices.

Finally, the waiter calls out your name and brings you to your seat. You decided not to take out your smartphone even to check the time, that would be a dead giveaway that you are not from the current 'surroundings'.

Upon placing your order for food and drinks, you thought to yourself; Would'nt it be nice if people at your current state would enjoy a face to face conversation? It is very different from texting. You could see that everyone is absorbed in their conversations. Everyone is 'alive' and 'living the moment'. A group of youths were happily chuckling away. A pair of lovebirds were having a delightful heart to heart conversation with each other. There was a family with 2 children, a boy and a girl asking their parents about food they were going to have. The expressions on their faces were obvious reflections of their current emotional state.

Everything took place in real time. It feels more human. Would'nt it be nice if everyone in your era sees the importance and value of face to face communication.

(The waiter then delivers your meal)

Upon completing your meal, you decide to return to the time machine. While you were slowly walking towards it, you started to reflect on what you have just witnessed. Well, smartphones are a great tool for communication and entertainment. And you have been using it to keep track of your appointments and you have your own online diary and blog to express your thoughts on various issue. Social media is great because you get various perspectives of an issue and it keeps you informed of various things that are happening in various parts of the world. Besides, you get a lot of jokes and entertainment as well as funny videos from your friends. You won't want to go back to 20 years ago.

But one thing you would want to tell the people around you is that electronic forms of communications could never replace face to face conversations.

And so you made a note on what you wished to share with the people around you.

"...remind the people the value of face to face communication and being in the moment in instead of looking into their electronic devices most of the time when they are in the presence of one another..."

The time machine's door opens and you hear the same robotlike male voice again "You are now back in 2015..."

You ran off eager to share what you have just learnt.

Written by Abraham A.L on 29 Dec 2015

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