The rough road of the champion

I know that words may seem insufficient to describe what you are going through right now. If I say that I understand, it may be too simplistic; I can only imagine the pain, the hurt, the disappointment and emotional torture. I cannot fully understand the hopes that seem emptied of their promises and the heartache that may take a while to heal. My attempt here is to try and help you redefine the situation, to help you interpret your present predicament from another point of view. My task is the almost impossible one of showing you the silver lining behind this very dark cloud.

The truth is that we all dream of the ideal life where everything moves smoothly, where we put our effort into something and we get good returns for our labor; but life is not really designed that way. Life by nature is designed to defeat the weak and make sure those who give up easily never really get anything. Life will definitely knock you hard, once in a while it knocks you out and sometimes it totally knocks you out; those who will be successful are those who will continue to stand up after every single punch. Look around you, you will see that life is very cruel, people do not always get what they deserve (at least not easily), what makes the people who are really successful is that resolve never to give up!

Don’t look at this situation like anyone else would, failure actually has a good side.

Through failure we’d be able to know where we need to better ourselves and how we can learn from our past mistakes and apply those lessons to our lives in future. Depression and the loss of faith in oneself are all different stages we undergo when we don’t succeed – especially when we feel we were treated unjustly- but we need to be able to learn how to put this all behind us and look at the brighter side of every situation. Usually, or normally, this might be very hard to do but that’s why you have people around you to encourage and support you through difficult times.

The truth is that failure isn’t what we make it out to be, the mindset that people have about failure is what makes them get depressed and sad whenever they fail. My advice is that you need to change your whole perspective on life, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t feel bad at a point, that’d be inhuman, I’m saying that you should learn to be an optimist and always look for ways to solve them.

It is true that you just lost a promotion, one which would have fulfilled a huge part of your dreams; but this is not the end of your story, what you do with this experience will determine how this story will continue and eventually end. You can choose to see this as either a stumbling block that finishes your career or a stepping stone that helps you to grow in it.

The road to success is actually designed with signposts of failure! It does not matter how many times you come across them, as long as you do not allow them to define you, your ultimate destination does not change!

Life may seem a bit too hard on you, and you may actually believe that you deserve better than you are offered. Believe me, I think so too. As a matter of fact, I think we all do. But we don’t always get what we deserve. But that desire to never give up is the strongest and most admirable characteristic of us humans. So you just keep on keeping on.

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There are many reasons why you may have failed, or why you do no possess what you have worked so hard for. Whatever the reason may be; if there were slip ups on your part, or things just didn’t work out as planned. You just have to understand that life is a big gamble and the most interesting thing about it is that you can’t actually predict the future. So all you got to do is fight for what you believe in.

You also may know you may have heard this saying a million times, but I think listening to it one more time and this time with intension shouldn’t cause much harm. “There’s a lesson to learn from everything”: no matter how badly things may end up, just make sure you come out from it stronger, better and more prepared.

Do you know another funny fact? The key to your breakthrough may actually lie in going back to review the past events that have led to the past series of unfortunate happenings. It’s always very easy to find very well explained and well laid out excuse. For finding ways to avoid taking responsibilities for things that have happened to us is often our way of self-consolation.

But only in taking responsibilities for our failures can we pick up the pieces and forge ahead. And if there’s anything very successful people have in common is the multiple failures that preceded their success. And the whole irony is they never saw it as failure, just a necessary stage that is part of success. When Thomas Edison was asked how he felt about the number of times he had failed, he said the question was wrong because he didn’t think that he had failed; he only that he found many different ways of not getting it right.

The bottom line is that you may want to adopt a positive attitude and the maturity to take responsibilities for all the mishaps.

I believe firmly that failure is success in progress! Setbacks can give birth to great comebacks, every stormy tide can bring in the ship and every dark cloud has a silver lining! You can turn this around if you only hang in there.

Written by Abraham A.L on 4th March 2016

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