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Stop Procrastinating and Do it Now!

“I’ll do it later”, “I always have tomorrow”, “I can push it off.” These are the thoughts that swirl through our brain when we have a task that we really don’t want to do.

Through immediate action you can stop these procrastination-driven thoughts and begin motivating yourself to get work done not tomorrow, not later, but NOW.

How Can you Get Motivated?

Often, it’s difficult to pull motivation from thin air and get to work on the tasks that need to be done. However, it’s not impossible. Here are some tips to get the motivation rolling.

Start with a small task. A body in motion stays in motion. Begin with a task you enjoy and that is easy to start. From here, motivation will start flowing in and eventually you can move on to that big task.

The 5 second rule. Right when you have the thought of “I should do this”, get up and do it within 5 seconds. If you wait longer your mind will come up with excuses for procrastination, rather than action.

Reward yourself. Promise a reward for when you get the task done.
Set breaks. You don’t have to work constantly at this goal. Instead, take it step by step and allow breaks in between. This will help the task feel more manageable.

Turn off your phone. Minimize distractions in the room. It’s easy to get distracted and procrastinate further, so eliminate distractions at the root.

It’s a Constant Practice

Working towards beating procrastination is a constant routine. There’s no magic way to beat procrastination and become a motivated person. However, follow these steps every day and you’ll begin to grow into a person that does the hard job today.

Originally written on April 2019

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