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Even though Jane's Dad had left the home and started another family many years before, and he had said he was not able to support her financially. Her Mother always told her, that she could be anything she wanted to be if she did well in school. But unfortunately her mother was not able to give her all the support she needed; she could not give her money for lunch sometimes and Jane had to walk to school on the days when all the money they could find, had to be spent on bills, and she was not able to take public transportation.   Even when men saw her walking to school and decide to offer her a lift . Jane would tell them that she would not be accepting their offer, she would say, she was just fine and they should not worry about her. Her mother had told her she should not talk to strangers as they could end up hurting her, and she had seen how her father had just packed up and moved out, when he decided to start life with another woman.  She knew she wanted to achieve her goals in life, and she would need to stay away from men who would offer her an easy way out of her difficult situation and then end up leaving her with a bigger problem.


Her mother had always admired Oprah Winfrey, as someone who didn't allow poverty to hold her back, and Jane had decided that she wanted to be able to be someone just like Oprah. She wanted her Mother to be proud of her too. She didn't want to have a child who would end up in the same situation she had found herself in. And she knew that it was not easy for teenage girls who got pregnant, they always had to struggle to find clothes and food for their babies. And their lives were changed forever, because of the added responsibilities.

Jane was very tired when she got to school on those days when she had to walk and she was teased when she fell asleep on the desk. Sometimes she felt as if she wanted to cry, when Mario would say “Was there a rat in your bed last night Jane, why are you sleeping in class?” But she had to ignore him as much as she could as she tried to listen to what the teacher was saying. .At times when she stopped to think about her Father. She wondered if he ever cared about her, why did he give all he had to his new family and left her to struggle so much. Jane only wanted to be able to ask him this question one day. She silently wished for the day to come when she would get an answer to her question. But her Mother didn’t want her to mention him at all.

And Jane knew that a hard life could become easy one day, if she kept on doing well in school, so she continued working hard. Eventually, she was able to graduate and get a job. She could save enough to pay for her own College expenses, so that she could be qualified to get the right jobs that she really wanted. Her Mother was not able to give her a lot of money, but she gave her all the encouragement she needed, and because of that Jane was able to do well in life.

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Written by Abraham A.L on 10th March 2016

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