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​​Making positive changes (Part 6) - Your self-awareness

Improve your personal life with self-awareness

To improve your self-awareness you first need to accept that you are where you are now because of the accumulation of choices that you made in the past.  Take time to reflect how you get to where you are at now. You can only move forward when you have accepted that you control your own destiny. Stop blaming the family you were born in, God, your peers, the environment, the government, etc. If you do not accept that you are not successful because of the choices that you made in the past, you will also be unable to make choices that will propel yourself forward.

A person needs to know himself or herself. Ask a friend that you trust enough to point out your mistakes in a constructive way. Lower your guard down and keep your ego away. If you want to move forward, learn to accept that there are actions that you have done in the past, or the things that you did not do which makes you remain where you are right now. Some people are able to reflect on their own while some may need an external party that they trust to help them to reflect on past actions.  

You should always reserve time and space to stop and reflect, away from the hustle and bustle of your work, so that you have the chance to assess yourself and realign your direction to where it should be heading to. With the fast paced world we live in now you probably put many things which are essential for your personal well being aside, in this case; time for yourself simply because you can't seem to find the time. You need to make time for yourself. You MUST set aside some time for yourself. 

When you look back at your how your life had been up to this point, start by looking at the things that have contributed to your success first, and once you have done so, then you should look at your own shortcomings. Assess yourself from a balanced perspective. Accept the fact that no one is completely bad or good. Everyone is a mixture of both. However, you need to go through this uncomfortable process of looking at both your successes and shortcomings, what were the choices that you made that led you to both and what were your strengths and weaknesses, if you want to move forward in life. 

Some may find meditation helpful in bringing himself or herself to a state where he or she can reflect peacefully. Meditation takes a lot of practice so be patient when you practice meditation and do not expect results to happen over night.

Try to rediscover yourself by writing a journal. Write about how you feel, what you want in life; record it all, write the results as you progress. This will help you decide what is important and what isn’t.  Knowing what is important and what isn’t will bring out the value in you. Knowing your values in life are the keys to self-awareness and your personal growth and happiness will get better as each day goes by. Some people find it easier to share their goals openly with their friends or loved ones. However, do be aware that at times, well meaning people may unfortunately discourage you from achieving your goals because of the pain and trouble that you might go through. 

Set some goals and deadlines on when you want to achieve a certain goal in life or have them accomplished. Take action right away while allowing yourself to learn in the process and also, be flexible. With an open mind, study and learn from other people. Finding someone to support you in your goals and to listen to you when you need to talk, and where you want to go, will help you to clarify your thoughts and ideas.

You will have to change the way you have done things in the past; you learn by mistakes and you would not want the same errors to happen again. You want new and better results and you can't improve if you don't reflect on your past mistakes.

You will grow as a person once you build your self-awareness. You will accept yourself and others and you’ll become more self reliant and motivated. When your self-awareness grows, you will benefit more as a person and become more successful in whatever you want to do in your life.

Stay in control of your life; don’t let your life take over and control you instead. By understanding yourself and the internal process of your mind, you learn how to find yourself, understand yourself and why you performed certain actions. Acknowledge both your successes and shortcomings. Give yourself a break and accept that everyone makes mistakes. Mistakes are a chance for everyone to learn and grow. Viewing your life in balance through a balanced perspective is very important to keep your self-awareness up.

Learn to be happy!

Happy people are generous in giving. Give as much of yourself as you can. The more you give the better it will make you feel and you’ll be able to forget the rough and hard times. You don't always have to wait for Christmas to give to someone, try, choosing a special gift within your means and hand it to a person who does not have much. 


Posted by Abraham A.L on 11th November 2016

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