How You Can Improve your Personal Life

For some of us, improving our personal life involves finding a new career. If we are doing what we really love, that rubs off on the way we view things and gives us a better perspective on life. You have to consider the many ways of success we can practice to become a well-rounded person in our job. You have to believe in your own capability and strive to achieve what you really want and make your goals a reality.

With a solidly considered plan, whether it involves a change of  jobs or starting a new business, it can become a reality with focus, perseverance and dedication.  You should never let the fear of change stop you from achieving something that you really want.

Trying something new may be overwhelming for most of us, but if you take the time out to research and do proper networking, you’ll find the transition less stressful.  ​​​​​​

Find a career that you love

Whether your in mid career, a student, new to the work force, or an entrepreneur it gets difficult to gain satisfaction and accomplishing your full potential when your stuck doing something you hate.  Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, so why not do something that you like doing.  Keep in mind that doing what you like is often complicated but if you would like to improve your personal life here are a few steps:

Decide why you want to change careers:

It is important to know whether you are moving away from something or moving towards something.  It is difficult to identify your ideal job when you are overwhelmed by negative issues from your current situation.  If you are making a career change, keep all of your options open to make a fresh start.  

What are your goals? 

Write down a normal aspect of a normal day.  Outline what it is exactly that you want.  Such as what is your work schedule, the positions and tasks, what is your ideal salary to live comfortably, and are you an entrepreneur at heart.  Continuously write these goals in a notebook or journal. 

Identify your interests 

Finding out your interests do not necessarily mean that you should hop on to a new career or business, it just means the beginning of self-exploration.  The key is to identify what truly interests you and how you can incorporate those interests into the current chosen work field. 

Some questions that you may consider asking yourself are; 

What are your favorite hobbies?  What books do you like to read?  What sections of the newspaper to you turn to first?  What are your favorite television shows?  After keeping track of this for a week, you should discover a trend that should narrow down to two or three topics of interests.  

​What are your abilities?  

Write down a list of abilities that come easily to you. By doing something that you are good at, will not only increase your chances of succeeding in your job, but it also gives a sense of satisfaction to your work. You may find that you have hidden abilities and talents. Once you identify those hidden abilities, do not hesitate to harness them by putting them to good use.

Many people walk through life failing to realize who they are and what they are capable of doing. Do not be afraid to find out who you really are and what makes you tick. It may take some time. For some, it may take decades.  It will take trials and errors but finding out your purpose will be one of the most fulfilling decision that you have ever made. 

Till the next post!

Posted by Abraham A.L on 10 November 2016

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