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​How exercise benefits you.

At times, life can be difficult and full of worries, and when you’re not taking good care of your health, things can become quite demanding. Without a proper diet and exercise, along with proper sleep, you could find yourself getting run down fast. This may causes unwanted stress and anxiety and bear a toll on your physical health. A major part of improving your personal life revolves around elements that can keep you from going off the deep end. Our health is one of the most important gifts that we have. Without a healthy body and mind, we are limited in terms of whatever we can achieve.  

*Disclaimer : Before you begin any exercise or diet regiment, do make sure that you consult your physician.

Get a regular exercise and a proper diet

Getting the right exercise for your body does not necessarily mean that you have to train to compete in a marathon or an iron man competition. Nevertheless, if you want to stay in shape and maybe lose a few pounds, here’s a possible way to start. 

Walk for 30 minutes once or twice a day with a backpack containing up to five books. Adjust accordingly, you may start with just a 15 minutes walk, once a day. As you get better, you may want to increase the duration in small amounts.  

​​​​​Instead of having an extra alcoholic or sweetened beverage, eliminate it, replacing it with plain water. 

Substitute daily, one serving of starchy carbohydrate with two servings of green vegetables. Rather than skipping breakfast and lunch and indulging on junk food, try consuming five small meals daily. Make sure you incorporate them with fruits and vegetables.   

The key is to watch what you eat and drink. You will feel better over time; and as your health progresses, you will be more energetic and you will be able to tackle other tasks with zest. It will be easier for you to cope with stress.

Another way for to flush away the symptoms of stress is through massage therapy.  

​The Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy offers many benefits.  It helps you to start your day in a more relaxed manner and makes you feel at ease. A simple practice may involve massaging your head and scalp.  What people fail to realize is that they will not know how much stress they have been facing till they undergo a massage therapy and physically experience the symptoms of stress fading away .

Once you have an awareness of where stress is lodged in your body, you’ll know exactly which pressure points to work on or needs to be worked on. This is what massage therapy can do for you:

Relief of muscle tension and stiffness

Greater joint flexibility and range in motion

Healthier and nourished skin

Improved posture

Faster healing from pulled muscles

Learn to achieve any goal!

Getting enough sleep

It is a proven fact that when you do not get enough sleep, this can make you easily susceptible to illnesses. There are even studies that says that our body heals itself bit by bit while we are sleeping.  A constant sleep pattern is necessary for the immune system to function at its peak. 

Have a regularly scheduled bedtime.  Avoid exercising within three hours before bedtime. If you have problems winding down, do something relaxing like watching television - particularly comedies, taking a warm bath, or listening to soft relaxing music. Studies have shown that we need 7 to 8 hours of regular sleep on a daily basis but the amount may vary slightly among different individuals.

It doesn’t take much money to improve our life ... 

All it takes is a little discipline and action, and we’ll be well on our way to a better personal well-being as we age.

Proper rest, exercise and training your mind to think positively are great ways to improve your life. The best thing you can do is to get started now. Start with small steps and do not compare your progress with that of others. Procrastination will eventually prevent you from achieving. If you want to improve your personal life, you must take action and maintain the actions throughout the entire course of your life.  Make it a mission to achieve a better physical and mental health.

Exercise alone has proven to provide relief for people who are suffering various physical ailments. In fact, studies have shown that people who exercise, live a longer, improved and happier life. In fact, exercise has proven to relieve and even heal symptoms emerging from arthritis. If you have back pain, you will benefit from exercise since it will relieve your pain as well. Remember to continuously read up on health publications and consult your physician!

Posted by Abraham A.L on 12 September 2016

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