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​​​Making positive changes (Part 2) - Your personal values

​​​​​​​What are your personal values and how do they determine the decisions you make in your personal life? 

Our values determine our actions as a person and define how we invest our time, energy and money. When we are clear with what our personal values are, we can easily determine the course of actions that we could take to improve our personal lives.

But before we go on further, you need to be clear on what your personal values are. What your dreams are. What are your personal goals and what is the destiny you would eventually like to achieve. Spend time clarifying these. If need be, spend some time alone to get in touch with your personal self to be clear about your own personal values and how they define you. 

Throughout our lives, our values subconsciously dictate our daily actions. There is a great discord if we are not making our decisions be it in our professional or personal life, according to our personal values. In the fast paced hectic world that we are living in, most us are constantly exposed to the influences of others, those that we pick up on the social media, popular entertainment, our working colleagues, our friends, our lunch buddies. In other words, we may eventually lose our original identity, our values, ourselves, without realizing, over a period of time. 

When we do have ambitions or ideas, and share them with those who surround us, some of us would experience getting these ideas shot down, some of us may experience some form of encouragement while some of us may experience indifference amongst those around us. If we are someone who does not realise that these differences are normal, they are caused by differences in personal values, we may often feel discouraged to come up with ideas that may change our personal lives for the better.  Surround yourself with people who are supportive of your dreams and you will realise that it makes an entire world of difference.  

Surround yourself with positive influences. If you are intending to lose weight and lead a more healthy lifestyle, surround yourself with people who are doing the same. If you are keen in  upgrading the array of skill sets that you have to increase your market value, surround yourself with similar people. There is a popular saying, your network determines your net worth. However, not all of us are lucky enough to be surrounded by people who are supportive of our dreams, our values, our goals. Go find them! Create your own network of such people in your life!

How to live healthier

You can't lead a healthier lifestyle if you are surrounding yourself with people who are not doing so. It is not easy to achieve a healthy lifestyle if your peers are constantly snacking and partying regularly, and not having regular sleep. It is not easy to achieve your goals if you are surrounded by people who are not interested in regular exercise. The values and habits of the people surrounding you will eventually rub off on you. 

Surround yourself with people who want to lead a destiny similar to yours.  Surround yourself with people who share common values with you. You will be surprised by how it easy it is to achieve your goals, whatever your goals may be, when you surround yourself with people who share values and goals similar to yours. 

Till our next post, remember to surround yourself with people who share and support your dreams!

Posted by Abraham A.L on 24th July 2016

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