Accepting to Improve your Personal Life

Do you have the ability to accept the things you can change and the things that you cannot change? Do you have the ability to accept that many people choose not to take sufficient actions to change their lives for the better?

Do you accept that you are who you are, regardless of what others think? Can you accept the many changes that take place in your life?

If you have answered yes to one or all of these questions, then you are off for a start in improving your own personal life. If you are willing to accept that you have the ability to laugh, and find humour even in the most negative situations, you will realise that you have control over your own life. For instance, if someone pushed you down, you could choose to stand back.  The push is does not threaten your emotions unless you choose to let it be as such. 

When you can accept the reality of many things in life and realise that you are what you are because of the personal choices that you have made, you are in a better position to change your own destiny. You are in control. When you realise that you are in control, you will realise that you have the power to make decisions and to take actions that will improve your personal life. 

Each person has a unique personal identity. There are many people who believe that our identity arise from the way that we have. In actual fact, our values, our goals, what we desire for the future, and what we desire in life determines our faily course of actions.  However, we often allow the external world to completely influence our thoughts. 

We live in a world that desensitizes us. We are surrounded by billions of influences on the mass media and various channels of information.  However, you have the power not to be overly influenced by these.

Of course it is impossible to completely detach ourselves from the mass media, we various sources of up to date information to help us in our daily lives, we need to know of certain natural disasters that are happening around the world especially when we are about to travel. However, we also need to realise that the the media is full of news that are out of the norm, they are either positive sources of information or negative ones. The average and mundane piece of information does not sell. 


Building Courage to Improve your Personal Life

Learn to have the courage to take little steps of action on a regular basis to change your life for the better. You cannot simply change everything in a short period of time, but you can take small steps to change your personal life on a frequent basis. After a longer period of time, say about a year, you would have realised that you have taken a series of many small actions which have altered the course of your life. 

Have the courage to take small steps. Every journey always begins with the first step. A series of continuous small steps taken regularly leads you to another destination. 

Do you accept that there are things that you cannot change?

Do you accept the fact that there are things you that you simply cannot change? Do you accept that there are things that you simply have no control over? Do you accept that other people can choose to behave in a way that they like regardless of how you feel? Do you accept the changes that life brings towards your way?

Many a times, in order to move forward, we have to question ourselves. We also need to accept that there are certain things that we cannot change but there are far more things that we can change over a long period of time. 

However, changes starts from the inculcation of positive habits. What we do on a daily basis, how we spend our time, how we channel our resources depends on our habits. Our habits, in turn, determine our destiny. 


Do you always allow negative thinking to affect your daily life?

There is a saying, positive thinking does not always solve all problems, but negative thinking definitely does not solve any problems. 

Sometimes, being realistic may cause us to indulge into negative thinking, into thinking that things will not improve, things will remain the way we are no matter how we try to change. However, if you do not even try and keep on trying to change for the better, how would you be able to realise that you have the capacity to change your life for the better? 

Thinking positively need not always solve all your problems, but it makes one realise that there is hope and potential for change... 

Having a negative thought may not be a bad thing either if it is accompanied by a series of actions are driven by the desire to change things for the better. But one has to take actions and make a change. Everyone can plan and have positive ideas. But if you really would like to achieve or change, you have to be prepared to take actions. And most of the time, you have to continue to take actions and restrategise when you face a setback.

Till we meet again in Part 2 of this series...

Posted by Abraham A.L on 2oth June 2016

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