After the success that he had, several other shop owners noticed his capability and he was soon hired by them. 

They wanted to increase their sales through Ecommerce too! Unfortunately, they do not know how as they are not competent in the world of I.T.  

With each new store that has hired Tim's Ecommerce services, he started getting more conscious of the do’s and don’ts of Ecommerce; what works and what does not, as well as the strategies that might work for one shop but not another one.

He turned himself into a respected figure in his town’s venture into the online selling world.

After a few months, Tim finally realized that he does not have to be tied down to a regular 9-5 office job anymore.

He is able to dictate how much he could earn and he finally does not have to work for a boss that he does not like.

One one fine weekday afternoon, while having his Tea break, Anne noticed a very positive version of Tim. His posture clearly showed his confidence.

And it was obvious that he was smiling. 

Anne cheekily asked her husband if something interesting has happened at his workplace.

This time Tim just said: “The office? Oh... You mean, our home office?"

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We would like to thank our contributor for this story.

Abraham A L​

Written on 9th April 2020 

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We cannot change external circumstances but we CAN change how we react to it. We can change our future through the decisions we make. 

It is best to be prepared even before the danger looms ahead.

One of our readers have contributed an inspirational story of how a father who once had a well paying job, went from being a successful white collar professional to being retrenched and losing all his income. 

We hope that this story will inspire you to take action and start an online business. In this story, there are links that you can click on to possibly guide you in creating a successful online business. 



Tim still had the words ringing clearly in his mind during dinner: “Sorry, but we have to let you go.” 

He knew there were economic downturns from time to time, but letting him go now? 

At this time? 

When times are critical? 

When he has several big financial commitments?

For five years he was one of the key members in the whole business.

Anne said it when he started: “Trust me, those white collar jobs aren’t that great; my father died a sad man because of them, and you may get the same fate.”

But he ignored her advice when he saw that the benefits of the job which were good enough to raise Sandra; his little girl, with a fairly decent standard of living.

Now, after all the 'reminder' from his wife, it seems that she was right all along. It seems as if she can predict the future accurately.

Now what? 

Tim paused for a short while.

“Something happened in the office today?” Anne asked.

“No, nothing…” said Tim, taking a small slurp from his drink.

He asked Sandra about her day to avoid the topic.

He couldn’t sleep that night, so he turned on his PC and searched what to do. Even for his age, his Google searches were beyond lame.

He started to think...

‘What can I do with my life at 35?’

‘How can I get a new job at 35?’

‘How do I earn easy money?’

‘I need financial help’ 

'I would like to earn an income independant of a job'

'Can I fire my boss?'

And from all these thoughts, there was a single word that resonated at the back of his mind: eCommerce. 

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He has heard it many times before and he up till now, he wondered what the hell it was, so he started to search for answers.

Apparently, it’s just regular commerce, but adapted to function in the digital world; which means to sell things without the comfort of leaving one's comfortable home.

Great! This is just what he needs, an opportunity to spend more time with the family! A really comfy system. Now, he would have to apply what he will learn about Ecommerce, and he has decided that selling his belongings to survive until he has nothing more to offer would be a reasonable start.​​

He went to the market the following week, and saw a little store that had a moderate volume of clientele.

So, he asked the owner (a woman in her mid-70’s) if she had an online space to sell her products.

She mentioned that she did not understand the digital platforms well. Hence, he offered his potential services in eCommerce  to help her boost her sales.

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He made an Instagram page to promote her products and with a little touch of  magic, he managed to increase the sales volume an estimated amount of ten times the original.

He thought this whole thing was like a strategy game (similar to a regular job), and he could now think of it as a new way to earn some money for the family.

Losing one's job is never a pleasant experience. We can lose our job due to a global virus outbreak, an economic downturn, a dying industry or even automation. 

Some people can even lose their jobs due to declining health conditions. 

Some can lose their jobs due to office politics. 

Some lose their jobs simply due to the fact that they are becoming obsolete due to newcomers who may be younger and well equipped. 

Some, may lose their jobs because the industries that they are in, have shifted their operations to 'more profitable locations'.

None of us are exempt from these reasons.

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