Forming the habits of a winner

When we pursue a goal such as a kicking away a bad habit or trying to achieve for something, there are many a times when our energy fizzles out halfway through and we begin to get the idea that we do not have enough the energy to reach the end. Goals do not just rely on passion and fire alone. Your goals are also dependant on the habits that you practice on a regular basis. Goals need momentum and habits are what builds the momentum for achieving goals.

Humans are emotional creatures. There will be times when our energy level is at a high and there will be times when our energy level will simply dwindle. Do not feel bad when your energy level starts to dip. It is by no means that you are being distanced away from your ultimate goal. Walk towards your goal daily, even if it means walking slowly on certain days. What matters is, you keep walking forward. Eventually you will reach your destiny as long as you keep walking forward.
What is more important is to adopt the attitude of creating habits that brings you to your goal on a daily basis. For example, if you are a salesman and you are trying to earn a certain amount of money at the end of the year, you may want to break down how many sales you should achieve per week or per month. On some days where you do better sales, it will help to compensate the days where your sales are lower than expected.


What you see in the Olympics is the product of years of training. Athletes do not just train on their best days, they train on the  days where their moods are not at their very best. We form habits then habits form us. The athletes will keep perfecting their technique. They will keep training to make themselves fitter and stronger and they will keep improving themselves on a daily basis. Great works of art are not produced overnight! Not all works by an artist are equally famous. There are many less famous pieces by the same artist. Consider them as their training pieces. But what unites these artists and the athletes are that they have fallen in love with the process of moving towards their goal! The beauty of the goal is obvious to you but more importantly, what you should fall in love with is the beauty of the process! Practice the habits of a winner!

Abraham A. L

Originally written on 14th December 2015

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If you want to be a winner, practise a winner's habits regularly

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