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How you can help to improve your child's self-esteem

Self-esteem begins to develop from the time a child is young. In the earliest stages of your child’s life, they begin to feel your love and support. As your child develops from a baby to a toddler, their self-esteem continues to grow. The early years of a child’s life are very important in forming positive self-esteem.

It starts when they feel loved by their parents and caregivers. As children grow and start to learn new skills, self-esteem is built when they receive encouragement. When parents let their children spread their wings and give them praise, positive self-esteem deepens.

If your child is struggling with positive self-esteem, here are some tips. These are also good ways to help your child maintain an already positive self-esteem.  Below are three of our favorite ways to help your child build positive self-esteem.

Remember you’re their role model

Children learn by watching their parents. They will often model what you do. If you are putting effort into the things you do and show positive self-esteem, they will model that. Take your time completing tasks, show pride in a job well done. When your child sees that, they will pick it up and learn to do the same.

Focus on their strengths

When we focus on the negative, be it in ourselves or our children, they see that. They will criticize others and themselves instead of focusing on their strengths. While we all have faults, we help our children learn to see the positives in highlighting our strengths. They will focus on what they are good at and feel happier with themselves.

Let your child take risks

It’s essential for your child to feel love and support. However, it’s also crucial that they learn to spread their wings and test the world around them. Help them figure out things they want to try to test the waters and begin to feel independent. This helps children to learn how to solve problems for themselves and become healthier adults. You can still help them, but by letting them make decisions on their own also helps them develop healthy boundaries.

There are many ways you can help your child develop positive self-esteem. We’ve highlighted just a few here. Most important to remember is that children don’t come without a manual. Love them, support them, and work to help them grow up surrounded by support. That will contribute more to their self-esteem and self-worth than many other things.

What are some other ways you’ve worked to develop your child’s positive self-esteem?

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​December 2020