Health And Computers

When parents tell teenagers that they should not spend too much time before their computers and they need to put away the smart phones and tablets sometimes, they are doing a great thing for them, even though they are seen as miserable and unreasonable by the teens. But there are so many problems that can develop over time, because of the use of these electronic devices. 

There are some of the problems listed below: 

Heart Problems 

Research has been done and we now know that sitting for a long period of time can lead to obesity, high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol levels and an increased risk of death from cardiovascular diseases, like angina and heart attacks.

Relationships are very important, and even though we communicate on the computer and other devices, it is not the same as interacting with people that are close by. So teens can still end up feeling depressed when they have problems and there is no one there to help them to work on the solutions. After a while they will feel isolated because they have not been having healthy relationships with their friends and relatives. 

There is always a tendency to eat the things that are not good for us when we are sitting before electronic devices. And the first place we start gaining weight is usually around the waistline. This then leads to a lack of self confidence and then health problems, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and even cancer.

Eye Problems
Staring at the computer screen for long;  can lead to dryness of the eyes and headaches. And after many days the vision begins to deteriorate, so there will be a need for glasses or contact lenses.

Added to that, the use of these electronic devices at nights causes a reduction in the amount of sleep a person gets too. As the playing of games or even sending emails can lead to tension in the body, this causes the release of cortisol,( a stress hormone) , which is produced by the adrenal gland.  This makes it hard for us to sleep.

The glow from the electronics, works against quality sleep. The light from the devices pass through the retina and goes into a part of the hypothalamus and delay the release of the sleep - inducing hormone. Over time our internal clock is reset and we find it harder to sleep, we end up falling asleep later every night. A lack of sleep also leads to many different health problems too.

Poor Circulation
Sitting has always caused a negative influence on our circulation and it leads to back pain. When we stand and move around, the activity leads to the breakdown of fats and sugars in the body, this helps us to have more energy and we end up being healthy. The extensive use of key boards and mouse will lead to stiffening of the muscles in the arms, hands and neck and it also leads to inflammation and injuries. 

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When teenagers spend less time on computers and other electronic devices and do more work around their homes and pay more attention to their schoolwork,  they become more aware of the things they will need to be able to do for themselves when they eventually leave their home and go to live on their own. And they find it easier to do well in their exams. This causes them to be more responsible and self confident. It is never a good idea for teenagers to start living on their own before they have been able to do well in school and get a job, they should also be able to cook, wash their clothes and do other important things around the home. 

There is a lot of physical activity that goes on when they dust the furniture, clean the bathroom, mow the lawn and clean the floors. There will be no need to go to a gym for a work out and houses will be neat and tidy when less time is spent on computers and smart phones. So there should be no need for parents to talk about this issue, as teenagers will want to stay healthy and fit. 

A teenager who does nothing in the home because they are too busy on the computer and smart phone eventually becomes a burden to their parents. As parents end up doing more than their fair share of the work around the home and this can cause them to feel miserable. Whenever this happens, and they use harsh words when they are trying to get teenagers to change their ways. This can lead to a break down in their relationship over time. Eventually the teen might start believing life will be better on the streets or living with friends. And they might run away as they are seeking for a peaceful life. When this happens the parents will have a bigger problem as they are unable to find them, and the teen will be unable to provide food and shelter for themselves. This leads to prostitution, involvement with gangs, guns and drug use sometimes.

So it is best for teens to find a balanced way to spend their time, even if a time table has to be made. When this is done they will have good relationships with their friends and relatives. They will also be able to live a long and healthy life.

Written by Abraham A.L on 18th March 2016

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