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Having problems staying away from snacks or junk food?

Do you have a problem with eating too much snacks or junk food?

There are many people who have difficulty maintaining the ideal body weight because they simply are unable to starve that craving for junk food.

Its usually the case of ; that bag of junk food is somewhere near just in case you are bored or need something to munch on. Despite the ill-effects of consuming too much processed food, fast food and trans-fat, we still consume them. Why?

Simple, it is because it is within our reach. If you have stocks of junk food somewhere on your work area or at home, it is not easy not to consume them. And eventually it will become a habit. Just a mouthful will eventually become two mouthfuls and it will carry on from day to day.

So how could we stop this craving?

Do not stock up on junk food. Period. When you do have some supplies of junk food within your reach, you are not giving yourself a chance to break the habit.  Avoid passing by the junk food alley. Not all of us are strong enough to pass by the junk food alley and resist the temptation of not purchasing anything. Especially if there is a new delicious flavour of chips that is the talk of the town. The best solution? Avoid trespassing the junk food corner completely.

What if I really need to satisfy that craving?

The first step is always the hardest. In this case, the initial avoidance. Have a fruit within your reach to snack on instead. Fill the void with healthier habits.

You need to break the habit first before you can develop self control.

There is a saying that you need around 3 weeks to stop a habit. So if you can stay off that craving for junk food for at least 3 weeks, you would probably have developed a greater amount of self control. Believe that you can and always picture the healthier version of you that you have always wanted to be.

Originally posted on on Dec 2015