A possible alternative

Parents can get help with their work, but it will come at a cost. Parents can find co-workers who are willing to do some of their work and offer to pay them for their time. They can also get a housekeeper to help them in the home, so that all their time and energy are not spent on doing house work when they get home. Spending a little extra cash, so you can spend more time with your children is a great thing to do. The rewards will be awesome, as the quality time you spend with them and the healthy relationship that is developed will last for a life time. You will have less teenagers who go out and search for love in all the wrong places and then end up with messed up lives.

Find creative ways to spend time with them

Children need guidance, as they face a lot of pressure every day, when they interact with their peers. Parents really need to be there for them, so they can learn about life in the right way. It is so nice to prepare a meal with your children sometimes. You can take them shopping and they can choose the things they want to eat, before you find creative ways to get them involved in the creation of a lovely meal. And there is no better time for you to talk to them about the things that they face every day at school, than when you are all cooking a lovely meal. And the conversation will continue until you all set the table and eat the meal you have all prepared. Cooking will not be another chore, it will be like a great  event and family get together. 


Another Reason To Find Time

Finding time for your children can be hard to do sometimes, but keep on reminding yourself that someday, you will get great rewards for doing this. Parents who neglect their children end up being neglected by their children when they get old. A good reward system can be developed in a home, this will help parents a lot. They will have less housework to do and children will grow up to be responsible adults.  You can set up a board in your kitchen and list the chores there. Teach the children how to get points for the things they do around the home, you could find, that you might not need a housekeeper after a while. And you will be able to spend more quality time with your children.

Support Their Dreams

Supporting your children's dreams might not take much time, when you tell them the right words. Help them to understand that you believe they can achieve. And you are doing your best to provide for them, so they can continue on the path that leads to success. When children understand that the work adults do to earn a living, is not very easy at times, they will try to do their best in school, so they can make the parent proud. More quality time spent and better communication is the key to unlocking the great potential of every family. But it is also good to attend as much of the children's special events as possible. This really means a lot to them, they like to see their parents cheering for them, when they are doing their best.

Time is the best gift you can give to your children, so be creative and try to improve your life all the time. When you do this you will end up with less regrets.

Do share any tips and tricks to get the family members to bond together more often despite their busy schedules! Email us at bitesizedessentials@gmail.com !

Written by Abraham A.L on 8th March 2016

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