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Falling prey to online ills...

Tom’s Problem

Tom was left alone many times because he is an only child and his parents were busy executives. He was not young enough to have a baby sitter and his parents thought he would be just fine on his own, as he had homework to do and he had to study to pass his exams. They didn't know that he would not be doing only school work on the computer. He enjoyed playing games and watching movies whenever he took a break from doing school work, until one day he stumbled upon a Porn site. Tom thought it was good for him to watch these movies as he wanted to learn about love. He wanted to learn how to kiss and do all the things adults did, because he was thinking about having a girlfriend soon and he wanted to know what to do, when he was in a relationship with a girl. 

But he slowly became addicted to watching porn and he started spending less time doing his school work. When his grades started tumbling his parents wanted to know why this was happening. Tom told them that he had found a new game that he liked a lot and he was distracted, but he would stop playing it and start doing his school work again. He felt bad about lying and decided that he would stop watching porn. However he found out it was not as easy to do as he thought. He would start doing his school work and then say he would just take a little break and watch porn. But a little break turned into hours and he eventually fell asleep and his work was not done. So he started hiding from his parents, he would lock himself away, if they didn't see him, they would forget about his grades, ,he thought. After a while he felt isolated and trapped, he wondered how he would manage to start getting good grades again, if he didn't get some help. But he could not tell anyone about his problem.

"Tom I need to borrow your computer, mine is not working properly " Tom's Mom said one day. She was at the room door and Tom quickly tried to shut it down so she would not see the sites he visited every day. But she told him he didn't need to shut it down she would just quickly visit one site, it would not take a lot of time. She quickly took the lap top from him and started trying to find the website she wanted to visit, when she noticed a list of Porn sites on the computer. "Tom , have you been visiting these sites ? " She asked him. She decided to take a look at them and Tom quickly left the room as he felt embarrassed. "Now I know why your grades have been so low and you have not been coming out of your room that much anymore", she said.

Tom's Mom found a way to install Google and You Tube's Safe Search features and Parental Control on the laptop before she gave it back to him. She told Tom that this would be good for him , because he needed to be prepared to face life and his education was far more important than that form of entertainment. She also told him that he should spend more time talking to his friends and his parents and he would not feel the need to watch porn. So he took her advice and started talking to his friends about his school work and slowly his grades started improving again. 

Parents should spend as much time as they can with their children, so they can tell them the right things about love, because if they don't, children will try to learn on their own. This leads to addiction to porn and other games that are found on computers and other electronic devices. The addiction can be very damaging to their lives. As they waste time and will stop doing well in school.

Written by Abraham A.L on 17th March 2016

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