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Everyone can change for the better!

What you are now are a product of your past decisions and actions. How you think, what you feed your mind with, the programs that you watch, the hobbies that you take part in, the food that you eat, the books that you read, how much time you have invested in the people that you love, the things you are doing and are not doing will eventually determine how your life will be like a couple of years from now. You can't transform into a brand new person overnight.


What you can do is to make a conscious decision to change for the better and start committing to it even with the smallest of actions.

If there is a goal that you wish to achieve, do something about it as soon as you can, even if it is just reading up an article or two about it, or even if it means just substituting a small serving of junk food in favour for a serving of a fruit if you intend to change your diet, or just having a slow walk around the park instead of getting involved in a strenuous exercise if you would like to develop a more physically active lifestyle. If you would like to be a more skilled guitarist , go learn a small unit of a song at a time, even if it just means one riff at a time. Great works are not produced overnight. Great pieces of art take time to develop. Great skill and talents takes purposeful effort over a sustained period of time and continuous improvement.

Increase and improve your efforts incrementally.

You cannot change everything overnight. But your sum of efforts over a sustained period of time, your continuous improvements, learning and relearning of what you want to master would amount to a great deal over a few years.

It takes great planning, a great vision but most important of all persistence and continuous effort and refinement on a frequent basis, on a day to day basis to create a great piece of art like what Michaelangelo did.

Don't worry if someone reaches his or her goal much faster than you do. Don't compare yourself with others. You will eventually reach your goal if you continue to put in consistent effort on a regular or daily basis and continue to increase its intensity, learn, relearn, strategise and restrategise. Stop comparing yourself with others, you will never be a happy person.


What you should do and can do.

But what you can do, is to benchmark your current self, your present self in comparison with what you were, lets say a week,  a month or even a year ago. What matters more is that you grow in comparison to your previous self.

Small, consistent actions set the momentum.

There is beauty in small actions; they build momentum when you successfully complete them. What we eventually become depends on what we do on a daily basis.

If you have not been exercising, eating healthily, reading or doing an activity that you've always wanted, setting a big unrealistic goal expecting a change over a very short period of time such as having 3 meals high in fruit and vegetable content or hitting the gym 5 times a week, may not just put your body in a state of shock and refusal, but it may be counter productive as people in general require a great amount of energy to enact big changes in their personal life.

Form habits on a daily basis

What is more important is to practice habits on a daily basis which forms part of your daily routine, so eventually it will be part of you; it will be a set of actions that becomes part of your nature. Start with small actions, no matter how small, it will create a momentum and practice them consistently.

Make a commitment to increase the size of the actions on a daily basis, no matter how small. Your daily habits will eventually determine the person that you become, if you eat healthily on a daily basis and exercise regularly every week, over a year, you will be a much healthier person.  Big goals cannot be achieved overnight. They are achieved by a series of small victories, small battles. Big battles are harder to win. Small battles are far easier to be victorious in. Plus the way you perceive these small battles will also affect whether you will continue persisting, winning and improving.

Change the way that you perceive forming new habits.

View small habits as necessary footsteps that will move you to your goals or the change that you want to be; habits that are to be practiced on a daily basis. Habits that are small enough that it does not require an Earth shattering amount of energy to implement. Habits that do not require critical changes in one's personal life.

What you need are small habits that you can practice on a daily basis, the willpower to continuously practice them and persist in practicing them.

Read up and learn on how to make yourself better and more efficient in achieving your habits and substituting them that will move you to your goals, and most importantly, view these habits as a channel for continuous growth, a chance to improve in small manageable amounts.

Successful people are not created overnight, they practice habits of success on a small scale, no matter how small, on a daily basis and persist in carrying them out everyday, on some days, they may not get the results that they want and on some days they may face obstacles but what they continuously do is to keep on improving and learning on how to practice the small habits in a better manner and achieve better results.

Your daily habits, when practiced consistently and continuously improved upon, will create you. Your daily habits will determine your lifestyle. Your daily habits will create momentum in your goals, no matter how small, but when consistent, will create a flow of energy towards your bigger goals.

Focus on creating daily habits. Focus on small incremental changes. Persist in practicing them on a daily basis. Start with small habits and see them as steps moving you to a bigger change or goal. Your daily habits will eventually shape the person that you are. Your daily habits will eventually form you. Small incremental changes in the form of daily habits are powerful.


Written by Abraham A.L on 24 Jan 2016

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