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Be careful with how you choose to think!

Be careful of what you choose to think about.

If you think you will fail, you cannot do a certain task successfully, it will most probably come true. Such a damning mindset right? Why is this a self fulfilling prophecy? Why then, is the reverse also true at times - If you think you can win, you would.

As most would have already known, the mind is a powerful tool. What is even more powerful are the internal conversations that you 'allow' to occur in your mind. Notice that I have deliberately used the word 'allow' because your internal conversations are a conscious choice. Your internal conversations dictate how you think, which in turn dictates how you act and how you react to the outcome of your actions.

You cannot determine the what others say to you. But you can choose your thought reaction towards them.

Lets suppose these are the words in your mind when you are trying to achieve something : "I'll give it a try. Lets see if I am able to master this". And then when you fail and someone around you says "See. I told you that it cannot be done!" Maybe you refuse to believe this person but somehow there is another side of you that subconsciously believes in this statement.

So you decide to give it another go and still you fail a couple of times. In the end, the words of discouragement from your surroundings have come true. You should have listened to them in the first place. They were right. You have wasted your time, effort and resources by trying. That is because you allowed the norm to set in your mind. In any culture, people will always want to have a sense of belonging, so they always try not to wander off too far from the travelled road. Listening to groupthink also creates bonding with the rest.

You have the power to change your thought process

Substitute the words like "I'll try or I'll give it a shot" with "I want to make sure it works". And when you do fail, substitute "I'll try harder" with "How can I succeed?", "What can I do differently to improve?", "What other steps do I need to take before I achieve this?". Ask yourself questions that will trigger you to carry out actions that will bring you closer towards your achievement. Yes determination, discipline and desire are important when you want to achieve a goal, but so are the inner conversations that you have in your mind. People tend to see and provide advice from their point of view. So if they provide you with an advice which reassures that you won't succeed in the goal you are trying to achieve, chances are, they are saying why they won't succeed in trying to achieve the same goal and not necessarily about you!

Reprogram your internal conversations with questions that lead you to steps that you need to attain your goal. See failures as lessons and learning steps. When you finetune your thinking processes, it pushes you one step further in the realm of improvement.

When you change your thoughts towards gearing on how to achieve your goal and what else can be done to achieve your goal, you are pushing yourself one step forward each time. When you ask yourself how can you do things differently in order to achieve the goal you have set for yourself, you are opening up a wealth of possibilities. Changing your thought process makes the journey interesting and more of a learning process.

When your thought process motivates you to take additional step forward, here's the result :

Changing your thought process to push you one step each time may create the impetus in the 'right' direction. The accumulation of one new step taken each day would be 30 new steps! One additional step forward creates a chain reaction of many steps forward!  For all that you know, it is just that one extra step that may make all the difference that you need.

Originally posted on on Dec 2015