​​Lets hear a few words from him : 

​Life is a funny thing.

Everyday is filled with its up's and down's: stress at the office,

a long line at the bank, traffic jams, parking tickets, paying bills, etc.

Most of us just can't wait 'til Friday to throw on that new outfit,

hit the club, and turn.up to the max!

Now, the party can be every night with “Party2Nite”which was recently released by thriving hiphop/pop recording artist,

Shawn Michael. “Party2Nite”is the ultimate club banger!!!

It is a refreshing dance song designed to get the club moving.

The fun, uptempo, Westcoast vibe is reminscent of Chris Brown's

“Loyal” or Kid Ink's “Main Chick”.

This is a standout single from “Resurrection”.

Over the years, Shawn Michael has proven himself to be a highly versatile artist with an unique sound.

Follow Shawn Michael's growing movement as he sets out to do the impossible and listen to“Party2Nite”today!

Listen to “Party2Nite” at  https://youtu.be/REMQMha0nKE

and check out his site - www.shawn-michael.com 

Facebook @shawnmichael48

Twitter @Msd411

Instagram @iamshawnmichael48 ​​​

Written by Shawn Michaels 

Published on 5th Feb 2018

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​All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy -

so lets chill out a little!

Yes we respect one's hustle.

Yes we admire one's ambition.

Yes we admire one's discipline.

Our modern day lifestyle is already full of stressful work related activities - as well as stressful non work related.

Each day, it seems like we are running on a continuous treadmill. 

Why not take the time to chill?

Let loose. 

A little music always help.

​A great music to chill to would be from our featured artiste 
Shawn Michael with his hit Song: “Party2Nite” ​​



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