Are you keen to have better health, appearance and fitness and create another source of income?

Would you like to :

1) earn passive income 
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Most of the time, as professional working adults, a working parent or even a stay at home parent, we are stretched in various directions; work related demands, last minute work related demands, taking care of our young, taking care of our partners, taking care of our parents, taking care of the state of our home, taking care of our bills, and most importantly, taking care of ourselves. 

Our modern day life is simply filled with stress, change and various demands. 

And when we think that we do have the time to take care of our own health, or simply think about the state of our health, it is usually too late, the stress and hectic lifestyle that we go through has already taken a toll on our health, our immune system, our long term vitality, and of course our appearance. 

And of course, all these will impact our level of confidence. 

To make matters worse , the job market is changing rapidly nowadays and gone are the days when a person could hold on to the same job till retirement. Many employees worldwide may suffer from the risk of retrenchment and do no have a back-up plan.

All hope is not lost, I would like to recommend a product that has somewhat helped healed my back and improved my overall health and vitality, known as Profil ®

​This a product that you can can consume to improve your own health and appearance. You can distribute them face to face to other people or internationally  to earn passive income. The possibilities are endless. 

​​Profil ® is a next-generation edible film-like supplement patented worldwide that contains a rich blend of high-purity Proteoglycan extracted using alkaline extraction technology.

It is like a thin piece of paper. 

When you put it into your mouth, it simply just melts and dissolves. Hence, it can be consumed with ease and carried everywhere with little effort. 

In the past , it used to cost about US$300,000 just to extract 1gram of Proteoglycan. Now the Japanese company that produces this, called 'ThanksAi Global' has the patent to be able to extract Proteoglycan at a much more efficient rate and of a higher purity grade, so they are able to mass produce into an affordable product for the global market.

This product also has an excellent reputation, purity, quality and grade. It is endorsed by one of the most stringent Japan Medical Associations and has won the Japan Prime Minister's award.

These are the benefits of Proteoglycan 

- it makes your body generate collagen and hyaluronic acid

- it promotes regeneration of cells, helping you become more youthful, and helps to repair and rejuvenate the skin, reduce spots, and it helps overcome the problem of hair loss and poor skin texture.

- it is good for skin conditions like redness due to allergies, ezcema, acne, etc. 

- It is anti inflammatory, and this helps to lower the risk of a lot of diseases 

- It also regenerates the cartilage. Hence it is very good for joints and bones. It is also great for those experiencing osteoathritis and joint pains as it helps to reduce the pain through its anti inflammatory effect

- It also prevents the angiogenesis of cancer cells, it enhances the natural immune function to attack and eliminate cancer cells and virus infected cells by increasing the NK (natural killer) cells 

- It has a high moisture retention - about 30% more than hyaluronic acid, and create more supple and moisturized skin, leading to less wrinkles and pigmentation

- It is good for fatty liver and obesity as it binds together with unhealthy fat and doesn't get absorbed into the body

- It reduces the risk of lifestyle diseases like diabetes and high cholesterol content. 

- It facilitates smoother bowel movements and is good for inflammatory bowel diseases as it helps to increase the good bacteria in the intestines.    

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Written by Abraham A.L 
15 January 2018


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