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A productive day is yours by practising
these 8 habits!

8 Simple Practices to Boost Your Productivity 

1) Plan ahead

Pen down a broad outline of all your activities the next day, but don't do it while you're driving just before bedtime as it may affect your sleep. This will help you filter off 'harmless' possible distractions the next day and focus on what's important. In the morning, run through the important things that should be done for the day when you wake up. Again - the purpose is to mentally prepare to focus on what is important.

2) Schedule "me-time"

Spend some time to meditate and reflect regularly. Using the computer as an analogy, it cannot handle too many processes efficiently at a time. There will be times when it will hang. Sometimes you have to close certain operations so that it could dedicate its working memory to fewer processes. Unfortunately, many people forget that we have our limits. Distractions, however small, may take away our productive time and attention span. While meditation may not take the distractions away, it allows you to approach life with a clear perspective on the choices you have to make on a daily basis. It also enhances your ability to prioritise and stay focused.

3) Have sufficient sleep

It allows your immune system to function at its optimal level. It also ensures that your mind is fresh and alert and allows you to be productive.

4) Exercise daily

Jog or walk at the park regularly. A sustained period of aerobic exercise not only chases the blues away, but it builds your capacity to focus, stay alert for longer periods of time. Being around greenery also relaxes your body and removes unnecessary stress.

5) Eat well

Your body needs a regular supply of energy. Having more frequent smaller meals mean your body is able to process the food more efficiently. Avoid sugary foods as they tend to provide a lot of energy for a short burst and cause you to be fatigued for the rest of the day. 

6) Revise your idea of chilling out

Remember to relax. Partying your night away may look cool and may help to build your social bonds. But too much partying will also take away crucial rest time and your beauty sleep and cause the fatigue to spillover to your work week. Keep rest, work and party time balanced.

7) Help others to help you

Do not just delegate tasks to others, but empower them with your knowledge and experience. Empowering is delegation with quality trust.  Empower people to carry out certain tasks in your life when it is feasible to do so. It frees you up from too many responsibilities.

8) Be a Work-In-Progress

Spend time on personal development. We will never reach perfection but we can always be better than what we were previously. Build your repertoire of skills and knowledge by reading, learning from others, watching documentaries, going for courses and workshops. It will help you revisit processes in your work and personal life and helps you to grow as a person. 

Originally posted on on Dec 2015