A letter to my '23 year old self'

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(I wish I could have written this letter to my younger self)

Dear younger Abraham,

If I could meet you now, I would let you know that even though you may be feeling uncertain about the future, you are actually doing pretty ok as a person. Because, despite our differences in how we look and behave, we are more similar than you’d thought. 

Each one of us wants to make our lives better. Some of us will accomplish our goals faster, while some of us will take a bit more time while we search for answers. That’s fine, as long as you keep working at it. 

Most of the time, when we aim for a 'better life', we are usually thinking along the lines of working for a promotion, tasting success in a side hustle, better paper qualification, or landing a more fulfilling job. 

Like you, I have been on this journey and I still am. In your journey to success, I hope that you also find a better version of yourself. You are you, you are unique. 

When you become a better version of yourself, you will function at a higher level than before. Not only will you gain material success, you will gain a better character, too. 

And if you do face setbacks, you will be able to overcome them with a better perspective and strength than the previous version of yourself. 

You have probably stumbled upon this letter because you want to lead a better life and most importantly, sustain your success. 

I would like to share with you some steps that I am taking to achieve success in life and grow into a better person. 

Our time on this Earth is short. Most of us would want success to come knocking on our doors fast. Most of us have been sold the romantic idea of overnight success through the media. The truth is, an overnight success usually has a long history of effort, endurance, pain, learning and relearning, rejection and sometimes ridicule. In short, there is no such thing as an overnight success. If it does exist, it is rare. 

Most of us go through a journey of moulding and it is usually this process that is worth more than the actual goal. The saying goes, the journey matters more than the destination. There is nothing more true than that when it comes to developing yourself personally. The person that you become in achieving your goal is more important than the goal itself. 

While your promotion and wealth can disappear due to various factors, such as retrenchment and bad spending habits, the knowledge and character that you built to make you who you are when you succeed, will eventually be the reason why you will be able to bounce back when you face future challenges. The character and the knowledge that you have acquired, stays with you. The positive habits that you have practiced is part of your toolkit for success. 

You don't just become successful by developing good habits. You don't just become successful by what you do. You also become successful by what you DO NOT do. You also become successful by the bad habits that you avoid. 

Work on avoiding these 5 bad habits, so that you can eventually win in life: 

Eliminate Pessimism: 

The root of all our problems essentially begins with our negative perception. A person’s own behaviour is what majorly determines the outcomes of their actions. From a psychological point of view, negative thinking is what holds us back from progressing further in life. Having constant negative vibes is what forces us to stop and spiral down into a never-ending pool of negativity, thereby leading to depression, anxiety, and an inferiority complex. 

Don't make procrastination a habit:

This is one poisonous habit that we often tend to ignore on a daily basis. Procrastination is a form of laziness that prevents us from becoming active and fulfilling our commitments on time. This eventually leads up to heaps of work being piled up to the point until it becomes extremely stressful to deal with. To become successful, one has to be active and prioritise tasks that need focusing. 

Avoid the need to be envious of others: 

As one of the seven deadly sins, envy is a character trait that leads to anxiety and hatred for others. For most of us, seeing others become successful leads to a feeling of jealousy that may spiral into something more toxic. However, this is a habit that mainly depends upon how we see that certain character. Hence, instead of being envious of others success, it is important that we understand the effort they went through to reach their achievements. By understanding their struggles, we can thereby use it to form a sense of motivation that can help us to achieve our own goals. 

Do not be overconfident. A little humility goes a long way:

Having confidence within ourselves is a sign of positivity. However, overconfidence is an irrelevant extension of that feeling that inevitably ends up causing a reverse effect. Overconfidence is a symbol of pride which raises expectations and makes us believe that we are perfect and cannot make any mistakes. This attitude is guaranteed to lead to failure. Why? Because there is no life that exists without the possibility of making mistakes. Thus, it is important that we do not let arrogance and pride take over our personality. There is no such thing as having too much knowledge! 

Don't give up so easily

Thousands of dreams die every day because of minor setbacks that discourages people, forcing them to give up. When we see the successful people around us, we only notice their current success. Most of us do not care to look at their backstories which is full of mistakes and failures. What sets them apart is their will to never give up on their dreams. Life is a roller coaster ride that has its fair share of downfall. The factor which counts is the ability to stand up and bounce back. 

Yours sincerely, 

The older Abraham 

(Who has been through the trials and tribulations of living, tasted the sweetness of life and have also been stabbed in my face and on my back)

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12th September 2019

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