A few crucial lessons from my beloved Mum...

​1) Love makes one fluorish. 

In order to cultivate strong and healthy plants, one must love them and the process of looking after them. Simply put, my mother is passionate about plants. She puts in a great deal of love and care for them on a frequent basis. When she does share some seedlings or saplings with her friends for them to start a hobby similar to hers, the seedlings and saplings either do not grow as well as hers or they even wilt and perish over time. I learnt that even in a simple hobby such as tending plants requires an undying passion to be a success. ​​​

​2) All great things need constant attention and perseverance. 

She has to put in constant attention, effort and care into looking after the plants. She waters them, adds organic fertilizers and tends to them consistently. Even when she is simply fatigued or down, she simply tends to them. Even when there are no signs of growth in the seedlings, no signs of flowers on her flowering plants, she simply perseveres. As Les Brown quoted from an article that he read about the Chinese bamboo from National Geographic, the bamboo shoot simply shows no signs of growth and remains dormant for 5 years. However in the 6th year, it shoots up a couple of feet. Had the person given up during the first 5 years, he would not have had the chance to witness the tremendous growth on the 5th year. Sometimes in life you have got to have faith and persevere. Not everyone will achieve great success as many will give up when they do not see any signs of success in the field that they have chosen. They simply don't persevere long enough to taste any signs of success. 

3) Fine-tune. Take out the weeds. Remove whats inefficient. Get rid of bad habits and practices. 

To achieve a healthy plant, it has to be pruned regularly and weeds have to be plucked out at regular intervals. Having a healthy and neat looking plant is not the result of an accident. If you want the plant to look a certain way, you have to put in a constant amount of effort in pruning them and pulling out the weeds. Or else it will end up looking like a plant in the wild, it might not even grow well as there might be weeds and parasites siphoning off nutrients from the ground. In our daily life, we might get distracted by various things, we might even start to lose focus as there are other items that take us away from our goal. Success is by no means an accident, it requires constant focus, refocusing and questioning of the direction we are going, as well as our practices, so that we can trim off whatever that is unnecessary.

4) No man is an island. In this case, no woman is an island. We learn from each other's best practices. 

My mother loves to exchange ideas and experiences with her plant loving friends. What started as mini hobby has now turned into a lifelong passion. Initially, she only 'knew' about a few plants well. As she mixed around with 'plant growing people', she picked up even more knowledge of techniques on how to grow a plant well. To continuously learn and grow, one has to surround himself/herself with a community of people who themselves are constantly improving and growing. 

So what are some of the lessons that you have learnt from your folks? Feel free to share with me through my email at

Written by Abraham A.L. 

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A few crucial lessons that I learnt from my mother's hobby.

Our parents are one of the first teachers that we would have encountered, the moment we step into the world. 

They have taught us many things, some by intent, some unintentionally through their actions.

There are those who may consider themselves to have the best parents around while it may not be the case for others. 

Whatever the situation is, our parents have done so much for us to ensure our well being. 

It is our duty to continue making improvements to our lives and the lives of our generations. 

I grew up surrounded by various types of plants that my mother tended as a hobby. Whether they are plants grown for ostentatious purposes, to be used in her cooking or simply because she loves them, my mother tries her best to give each and every single one of them an equal amount of love and attention.

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