Our previous article​ with the title 8 low cost business ideas ​that can provide you with additional income (Part 1), has received an encouraging response from our readers. 

Many have claimed that they would want to start a low cost business to provide an additional income but they only 'know' some types of business models; and most of them are online.

Some have even told us that they are aggressively working on a business model so that they do not have to rely on a full time job to pay their bills. They also shared with us that they know their organisation will get rid of them once their organisation are not making good profits. In short, they know they are easily dispensable; hence they see the need to be financially independent of a full time job. 

So in this post, we have included 8 more ideas for you to start a low cost business model, both online and offline. 

Here they are: 


​9) Providing Graphic Design services

If you are creative and are savvy with design softwares and applications, put your skills to use and get paid at the same time by creating logos, images, or pamphlets.

10) Translation services 

Being versed in a different language makes you an asset. Many companies are constantly looking for ways to translate various content in order to reach different markets and they still prefer colloquial native translators as compared to other types of translators. 

11) Bookkeeping services

A background or knowledge in accounting is a great leverage for this type of career. Besides, as an individual, you might be able to offer a more personalised approach.

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16) Voice Acting

'Lend' your voice to production companies as you narrate television commercials or even dub TV shows!

17) Personal Chef

Do you love cooking? Then, start your own in-house catering service where you can cater for family meals or plan for specific diets. Be sure to continuously hone your cooking skills so that you will get repeat orders.

18) Meal Planning

Make meal plans for people to follow in order for them to have great food variety without compromising nutritional or dietetic value. You may also consider going through training in nutrition to better cater to the needs of your clients. 

That is the list that we have for part 2. Be sure to tune in for part 3! 

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(As with any business ventures, one can only succeed with sustained consistent effort and time)

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Written by Abraham A.L.

5th May 2020

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​8 low cost business ideas ​that can provide you with additional income (Part 2)

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​12)  Social Media Manager

Get paid to be on the phone or your laptop all day as you manage different social media accounts of different brands.

13) Teach A Skill Through Webinars

Make a profit by teaching/sharing your expertise and knowledge, be it technical or not, through conducting your own webinars.

14) Online English Teaching

A lot of online schools in Asia and in other parts of the world are looking for home-based native English language speakers to tutor their students. 

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