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5 tips on how to improve the bond with your teen

When our children are young, their worlds revolve around family. They ask a million questions, love attention, and want to spend all of their time with us. We’re bonded and connected. As they get older, children grow up and grow apart. Children begin to spread their wings. They begin to exert their independence and learn who they are.

As children grow into teenagers, a family may become an afterthought. Parents are no longer cool, and siblings are annoying. We may find ourselves drifting away from our children. How can we work to re-ignite the bond and have some fun with our teens? Get to know them as an (almost!) adult.

Here are some of our favorite ways to get to know your teen better.

Play games

Feel like a kid again and play some games with your teen. Pull out some games that are gathering dust and have a family game night. You’ll share laughs and have fun playing together. Spark some laughs with a little friendly competition.

Get schooled

Does your teen have a favorite hobby? Ask them to teach you how to do something they love. Maybe it’s shooting hoops in the driveway or playing the guitar. Take the opportunity to learn what makes your teen tick and have them share their passion.

Do good, together

There are so many organizations that need volunteers. Spend a day together, helping others. Find a food bank, help at an animal shelter, or work together to pick a place to make a difference. At the end of the day, celebrate a job well done with a pit stop for ice cream on the way home.


Some of my favorite memories with my kids are in the kitchen. While they don’t cook with me as much anymore, they’re sure to join in if I’m making their favorites. Baking is always fun- get messy and make a delicious treat. While you’re waiting for your food to finish cooking, catch up with your teen!

Take a road trip

There are few things to build a bond, like a road trip. Grab your teen and a map (or wing it!), and plan a quick getaway together. Crank up the radio and hit the road. Not only will you get to know each other in an even deeper way, but you will also build great memories.

These are just a few ways to have fun with your teen. Start small- it may take a couple of tries before you find something fun for both of you. Whatever time you can spend together, you’re still working to strengthen the connection with your teen. When in doubt, find something that you know they love and do it together! 

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February 2021