2) Be grateful. 

Being grateful for everything that is in your life can have profound effects on your happiness – in studies those who wrote letters of gratitude felt an increase in their happiness and life satisfaction. Oprah Winfrey's favourite quote from  Meister Eckhart is : "If the only prayer you ever say is - Thank You, that will be enough".

4) Get Fresh Air. 

Being outdoors, especially on a warm sunny day can have a positive impact on your mood. Why not take your daily exercise outside?

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5) Shorten Your Commute. 

The amount of time we spent commuting to and from work can cause massive amounts of stress and dissatisfaction. Find ways to shorten your commute so you don't have to spend time in the crowd or waste time travelling. 

7) Socialise. 

We are happier when we are surrounded by family, friends and loved ones. Spend more time with those that matter to you.

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How to keep yourself happy in

10 simple ways.

(Number 9 will surprise you)

9) Get More Sleep!

Sleep not only gives us the chance to repair and reset ourselves from the day, but they can help us to remain happy! Yeah hustle is great to move towards your goals. But don't neglect your time to rest and repair. Lack of sleep can encourage negative emotions – so make sure you get sufficient sleep!

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6) Exercise. 

Just 7 minutes of exercise a day can keep depression at bay. Movement is life!

8) Plan out trips. 

The best part of a trip is the anticipation! Plan out adventures and enjoy the anticipation! Your trips need not be extravagant. An outdoor camp or a visit to a local attraction breaks the monotony and stress from your daily life. 

3) Smile more. 

According to PsyBlog, smiling can not only improve our attention but can also help us to perform better on cognitive tasks. Try it!

​​​​In this era where 'The Hustle' or 'The Grind' is held with much respect, we often forget that we are emotional creatures and we will encounter many ups and downs in our personal and work life.

Sometimes we are nowhere near the goals that we aim for and we may get disillusioned. Sometimes the stumbling blocks that we face are simply too great for us to overcome at a given point. 

It is hence important now, much more than ever that we all look after ourselves, take a break there and then to keep ourselves happy. No matter what your job or profession is, if you are not happy, you are not going to perform at your best and you will only burn-out in both your private and your work life!

Happiness is crucial for you to continue with your hustle! 

So what are 10 relatively low cost ways that can you engage in to keep yourself happy?

1) Be generous. 

Researchers found that those whom spent money on activities for others felt better than when they spent money on materialist items. Research also found that 100 hours a year of helping others is crucial to keeping happy. Take time to do some volunteer work. 

10) Meditate. 

Meditation allows the brain to rewire itself and to calm down quickly – thus allowing for a more peaceful and happier life. In this era of information overload from our smartphones, peacefulness and silence nourishes the mind and soul. 

So go on! Do one or a few of these regularly to keep yourself happy.

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Written by ​Abraham A.L

Monday 10 June 2019

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