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4. Make a To-do List

This is very, very important.

Many times when people do two jobs, they tend to forget about the other crucial aspects of life.

They might lose track of some important dates in their lives and lives of people who are significant to them. They might also not remember some events or things that they ought to do, and as such, their personal life may begin to suffer. Hence there is a need for a to-do list which needs to be places in a prominent, easily seen location. 

This will help you to live a normal and balanced life, similar to others who may just commit to one  job. A To-Do List also ensures that you keep track of the activities you need to finish within a day, a week or a month.  

5. Take a Day Off To Yourself

A day to have a good time with your family and friends at least once in a while won't hurt.

Take a short break or vacation if you can afford to. Your body and spirit needs time to heal. 

Taking time off to recover can also be as simple as catching a movie, taking a slow peaceful walk in the park or treating yourself to a favourite meal.  This will clear your head, your spirit and your body from the stress and rigours of work life.

We hope that you will practise these tips and not only build a stronger financial background for yourself but allows you to make a balance between your job and your side hustle and allow you to enjoy good health. 

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Written by ​Abraham A.L

21st April 2019

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In this modern day context, there are many who undertake additional jobs or tasks to earn a side income, this can be online based jobs, a part time business or even a hobby turned into an income earner. Some may  have even committed an additional weekend based job. 

These are all known as side hustles. Some may just want to earn an additional income, some may just want to make ends meet while some may want to build a stronger finance and an opportunity to break out of the rat race. 

​If we do not strike a balance between our side hustle and our full time job, we might actually cause the quality of both to deteriorate. We might even cause the level of our health to decline due to overwork.  

We are going to be looking at some ways  where  you can create a balance between your job and your side hustle, such that one will not suffer for the other and so that you can be both productive in both.

Here Are Some Tips That Can guide Us in Getting Our Side Hustle Going Smoothly

1. Get A Suitable Side Hustle

A side hustle entails that you already have something  going on that forms your main source of income. Hence, you should get a side hustle that can be compatible with what you are already doing.

This is to ensure that the your vested interest in both your side hustle and your main job do not clash with one another.  You can't be doing a job that requires your full attention at the same time and gets another job which also requires so much of your time.

A job that pays hourly can be a suitable side hustle for you and this often can be found in the form of a part-time job.

Freelancing is another good opportunity as a side hustle.

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2. Consider The Pay You Are Getting From Your Side Hustle.

Whether you agree or not what you are offered matters greatly. And yes, it matters a whole lot. This is because the reason for having a job in the first place is because you need the money that it pays. Even if it is your passion but it does not pay you well, chances are, your motivation in continuing with the job will eventually decline unless you have sufficient financial reserves. 

Some may obtain a part time job that pays well. Some may work in two part time jobs as it may be difficult to land in a full time job in the first place, given the situation a person is in. 

If you have decided on getting a side hustle, make sure that it will help you to pay for your bills and eventually build up your financial reserves. 

3. Make Sure You Take Care Of Yourself

Some people might be of the opinion that this should not rank high on this list of making your side hustle work, but we would rather say that it is in fact, the most important, because all the other things rely on it.

Remember that if you are ill or are in poor health, it is very difficult to work well in one job, let alone two. 

Do not overwork yourself in the bid to make more money. Set a target for yourself and when you hit this target learn to call it quits. 

You should also make schedules on how to run your day, map out a time to do your first job as well as the second and make sure you schedule sufficient time to rest.

There should also be time for your to do mundane tasks which are necessary such as washing your laundry, cleaning your room and still do other things like cooking and do not neglect having a social life; humans are after all, social creatures. 

Do eat well and have a balanced diet because since you work much, your body needs good, nutritious food to function well.

To add to this, do make sure you partake in regular exercise. Hit the gym or at least jog around the area you live in or engage in home based exercises; at least this won't cost you additional money. 

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