Do you want your child to do well in his or her studies?

Three ways you can help your child to do well in his or her studies.

There isn’t a parent out there who doesn’t want their kids to do well in school. And as much as you would like to take the test for them if you could, a test is something your child’s teacher conducts to make sure they are learning well. More than anything, you would want them to be well prepared, even if they don’t always get an A+. You will want them to learn about the world so they are prepared for the future.

You can only cheer your kid on for their test or examinations. You can also make their life easier and ensure they have all the facilities needed to do well on their test. You can’t make them study, but you can encourage them to do so.  Let’s look at three ways you can assist them in their studying endeavour.

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2. Let The Entire Family Join In

Don’t let them cram for a prolonged period of time. Instead, after every 20-30 minutes of continuous studying, ask them to take a short 10 to 15 minutes break. During this time, give them a healthy snack or play games with them which will put their mind in a relaxed state.

For subjects like Mathematics, you can even play games involving the applications of the subject. There are many card games in educational stores that can help provide fun in learning. Children learn things faster when they associate the word 'FUN' with the subject and it piques their interest.

Studying isn’t only about reading the text. Children can learn through multiple methods. For example, if you are teaching them a poem, let them learn the poem by singing to them in a fun tune, or respond to the poem with their own poem. If you are testing them on Geography, don't forget to ask them which sports or entertainment stars have made the country famous.  When all the senses are involved, studying become seemingly easier for kids.​

​3. Quizzes and Test Strategies

Quizzes are one of the most effective ways one can make sure an individual has everything internalised. Make those quiz session funs. Instead of being the quiz conductor, became a participant and let your kids quiz you. Let them tell you if you are wrong or right. Also, make flashcards for those sessions so that learning can take on an innovative approach. Maybe one has a different colour while the other has a beautiful design. Kids of all ages are easily attracted to colorful and flashy things.

Kids don’t know how to take the test naturally from the start. Teach them some of the methods you used to employ. For example, how one should scan the paper first and read through the questions before beginning the test. Focus on the easy questions first, and then if your kid has time left, they should attend the harder ones.  Ultimately, prepare a mock test for them to imitate the real one.

​1 . Keep In Contact With The Teacher

Most teachers don’t conduct a test without providing a notice on what is important and what’s not for the test. Chances are, your kid’s teacher has already provided a studying guide, one which has the important information and the format of the test outlined. If you somehow didn’t receive this study guide through email or through your child, request for a meeting or chat with the teacher.

Ask about the particular parts of the subject your kid should pay special attention to and how he or she is doing in the subject and in school. Are there subjects that your kid does very well in?

Are subjects that they can’t quite seem to grasp? Ask the teacher how to help with subjects your child is poor at. They might be able to provide with an unexpected solution such as tutoring or providing additional attention.

Use These Strategies To Help Your Kid Do Better

These are all the various simple methods you can use to help your kid with to prepare for their tests or examinations. Most important of all, remember to encourage them to do better and believe in their potential.

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Tuesday 18 June 2019

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