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3 Simple Ways for you to Stop Procrastinating
Do you often miss deadlines? Do you find yourself accomplishing your tasks at the eleventh hour? You may think that procrastinating is okay until you get the work done, but that is not true. It is extremely important for self-development and self-improvement that you stop procrastinating.
People come up with all kinds of reasons to procrastinate, sometimes you convince yourself you have more time than you need, sometimes it's due to laziness, and sometimes you procrastinate because you don't really want to deal with something you are supposed to, it could be something that scares you or makes you uncomfortable or maybe it involves a major decision.
Here are a few tips and ways that can help you get rid of your habit of procrastinating.

1.   Break Down your Project into smaller components
The bigger, the more boring, and the tougher the project is, the more you would feel like delaying it. So if your goal feels intimidating, all you have to do is break it into smaller parts, analyze them and then make a plan of how you will carry out these smaller parts. Do not keep everything till the last day or don't feel as if you have to do it all in one day, break down the work over several days.
Tom Popomaronis, an E-commerce entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Opia Talk, follows this simple method to avoid procrastination. He believes that when you split your work over several days, you should let yourself feel the accomplishment after completing each day's work so you can encourage yourself to finish the rest.

2. Being Self Aware
Procrastination may come in two main forms:
●     Difficulty in starting the task
●     Getting distracted while working on the task
Both of these follow a similar pattern. You tell yourself that you should get started on the task, you get stressed out, or you get bored, you feel the urge to do something better, you convince yourself that you will start it soon, and before you realize, you get stuck in the vicious cycle of procrastinating.
What you need is to figure out on how you can stop the procrastination; what is it that distracts you? Does it happen every time? How can you stop it?
If you can convince yourself that you can start your work after a maximum of five minutes of procrastination, use your expert self-convincing skills to tell yourself that whatever it is that is distracting you can wait until you finish  your work.

3. Block out the Distractions
This is one is quite obvious, but if you can do it successfully, it can help you a lot. It is not easy, however. Simply knowing that Instagram or Reddit is just one click away is enough to distract you and it takes up a lot of will to fight this temptation all day.  To make it easier, try removing the option altogether. If the work you are doing does not involve your phone, try switching it off and keeping it locked in a drawer for some time. If not that, you can use softwares or apps that will block out the distracting apps, websites, and even the internet. This will get rid of the constant temptation and will give you the energy to focus on your work instead of focusing on not getting distracted.
These are three foolproof ways for you to stop procrastinating and get the work done on time. If you religiously follow this self-help guide, you can temporarily or even permanently get rid of the habit. Do not expect overnight results, though. Everything takes time and practice. When you start following these tips, you will find that in a few days you will be able to resist the urge to procrastinate.

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​Written on Jan 2021