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3 Reasons Why Your Child Thinks Differently From You

It is no doubt that parenting comes with a lot of challenges. And one of the challenges is the child's worldview. Kid's having little knowledge about how this world operates, see things in a different light. There will be times in your life when you will be amazed by your child's point of view about life and as a whole. They think differently from you because they see and perceive the world from a different angle. Whether you are a parent of a 6-year-old or a teenager, here are three reasons why your child thinks differently from you.

1) They tend to live in the present

While you as a parent may have a lot on your plate, and you spend most of the time worrying about paying taxes or bills, etc., your child will develop the habit of not worrying at all. Children's minds work in a funny way. While growing up, the things they see will be the things they would not want to do in life. Just like that, they live to learn in the present without worrying about the future. They tend to enjoy the moments in time without worrying about what the future holds for them.

2) Generation gap

Nowadays, we see our children teaching us to use phones and technology. But how and from where did they learn it? The answer to this is they just knew because of the generation gap. Think of it as the generation difference between the two phones of the same company. The latest one will have improved features and modern technology. The same is the case with children. They are born to an era where they are bound to technology and smartphones, and their world revolves around it. What they see on the internet is what they learn. This is hugely different from their parents, who learned things from their ancestors and through experiences.

3) Difference in parenting

You may not believe it, but what you did not get in your childhood is exactly what you will provide your children with. You got scolded by your parents when you were a child, and you would avoid scolding your children when you become a parent. This is also one of the reasons for your child thinking differently from you. You used to fear your parents and your children are more like friends with you. They don't fear you or anybody and are fearless and confident in their decisions and behaviors.

If you pay attention, your child's thinking is no doubt different from yours, but it has a lot for you to learn from. Seeing things from a different perspective, they are fearless and are more technology-driven than you. The world we live in is continuously changing, and it is okay if your children don't think like you. They need to think differently to fit into this world and keep pace with the ever-growing technology and advancement in other fields of life.

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December 2020