​​​​​​​We all work extremely hard to earn enough money to sustain a good life. When the demand and consequently the price of Bitcoin started to increase rapidly in 2017, every single person on the earth was empowered with an easy way to make money online. Cryptocurrencies as a whole was a great investment option for anyone looking to make a lot of money quickly. 

However, as the bears got a grip on the cryptomarket, the prices and the market cap of all cryptocurrencies began to fall rapidly. Due to the plummeting costs of Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies, many people who were once making money by investing in bitcoin have started to search elsewhere for earning some extra money. However, Bitcoin is the only asset that you would need to focus on as there are still many ways for you to earn money from it. In this article, we will discuss three such methods that you can use to make money from Bitcoin.

​​3 Ways you can still make money from Bitcoin:

1- Trading

Trading is one of the best ways you can make money online. Trading in the centralized stock market has proven to have created several Millionaires. Bitcoin offers twice the opportunity that you get when trading in the traditional stock market.

The key to making money by trading is to trade during the price swings. Due to the non-regulated nature of Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies, the prices swing that they experience regularly is usually in the double-digit percentage regularly. Thus, giving you more opportunity to make money from your investment.

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2- Lending

The whole crypto lending business has been tainted with only bad news. However, apart from the shady ones that existed back in the days such as BitConnect, there is not much wrong with the crypto lending programs. It is a great way for you to earn regular interest while getting to hold your cryptocurrency. 

3- Buy and Hold

While this might not sound like an effective strategy to many, Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies have lost a huge chunk of their value over the past year. This means that all these digital assets are currently available at a discounted price. Thus, buying Bitcoin now and holding till the current price trend flips is a great idea for anyone who is looking to make money online.

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There are Always Ways to Earn Money!

The endless opportunities that have been made possible by the internet are truly magnificent. This factor is amplified merely due to the existence of cryptocurrencies. Even though the whole crypto frenzy has come to a crawling halt, you will still be able to find many ways to earn money at every single corner of your journey. With fewer people interested in this investment, you can stay ahead of the rest of the world by investing now.

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Written by ​Abraham A.L

10 Jan 2019

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