​​Its great to live life to the fullest isn't it? We feel fulfilled, we feel a sense of accomplishment. We feel useful and needed. We feel great being busy.

Sometimes we even reach a point where we feel guilty if we are not busy enough. Sometimes we feel something is amiss if our life is not bustling with activities.

Life should be lived to the fullest.

There is a lot of truth to that.

But there might also be a stage where we start getting busy for the sake of being busy.

It may also be that we are simply too busy but we know that what we have to do is to keep up the pace of work so that our bills can be paid.

It is okay if there is a finishing line to all the hustle and bustle. Sometimes, a hectic season is a norm for certain industries. But when the finishing line is nowhere near, or becomes a shifting goal post such that we are busy for a prolonged period, we start to feel burned out or unfulfilled. We start to be busy and unhappy.

Take a break and breathe. Get involved in some form of recreation or hobby. It need not be a costly one. There are many forms of low-cost or free activities, such as taking a slow, long walk.

Having downtime is not bad thing, in fact it should have a spot in your schedule.

You need space to reflect and recuperate.

The stress from the hectic nature of work may seem more manageable after a break. You will be able to face life challenges with a fresher and more renewed perspective.

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Till we meet again in part 3!

Written by Abraham A.L on 23 Dec 2016

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If you want to be a winner, practise a winner's habits regularly.

If you want your life to change, then you have to start doing different things.

Why most people will be just 'average'.

​​​​It’s a fact - modern day living revolves around the economic status. There is nothing wrong with that. Apart from being spiritual beings, we are also physical beings.

You need money to pay the bills.

You need money to save up for the home that you desire.

You need money to buy that new gadget.

And you need money to pay for your education. 

That said, there are many who place far more emphasis on things which have an obvious economic value.

There is a price tag for the latest trending product in the market. You get direct benefit from a product or service that you use or simply from the satisfaction of owning them.

A simple lunch, catching a weekend movie or game with your loved ones, or making that phone call to your family member does not cost much.

The very fact that it does not cost as much as the latest gadget and has no immediate economic benefit causes many people to treat the relationships with the loved ones around them for granted. 

Don't let regret overshadow you.

In order to provide better quality of life for their families, some parents spent too much time on work till they miss out on the growing years of their children.

Some working adults may have not spent enough time with their parents and by the time they realise that, it may have already been too late.

Money, career, promotions, working hard for a pay raise are important, but don't forget to schedule actual face time or meals with your loved one on a regular basis.

It may not go perfectly especially if you’ve not done it for a while, but at least it’s a start. 

2) 'Start with the small'

​​Ever wanted to do something for a person important to you?

You don't need to think big.

Lending someone an ear, writing an encouraging note, or simply treating a friend to a cup of coffee may brighten up someone's day.

Small things done with sincerity and frequently have a powerful impact. Life is short and unpredictable and the world is already complicated enough. Let’s spread kindness and love and help make the Earth a better place to live in.

Be a source of positive energy and love. 

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​3) Take moments to slow down. Everyone needs a little 'down time'

3 quotable quotes worth pondering upon to start your new year. (part 2 of 3) 



This forms the second of a three part series of quotes of wisdom shared on bitesizedmotivator in the earlier part of the year. 

In this series, we have compiled 3 notable quotes to promote a life full of meaning and love. Click here if you have missed the first of this series. 

1) Make time for your loved ones.

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