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Although we may think that the circumstances around us are over-empowering us, we do have a choice. We are product of the decisions that we make on a daily basis. We could choose to develop ourselves by reading books on a regular basis to improve our knowledge and skills.

We could choose eat healthily.

We could choose to be fit by getting involved in physical workouts. We could choose to build a better future!

Everyone has different starting points. Everyone has challenges that we may not always see. But remember, you have to start by realising that you are the creator of your own story. You have the power to change.

2) Everybody has the same amount of time each day. Everybody has the same number of days each year.

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We have created a 3 part series of quotable quotes taken from this year's series of quotes to help you achieve a better year ahead!

1) We have a choice

3 quotable quotes worth pondering upon to start your new year. (part 1 of 3) 

Most of the time we tend to glorify winners by their achievements. We tend to glorify inventors, entreprenuers, programmers, sportsmen and other successful people by what they have accomplished.

But how many of us actually bother to know the effort, discipline and dedication that they put in everyday and how they persevere to perfect their art? How many of us are willing to overcome the challenges that they face on a daily basis and perservere to stand victorious amidst all the difficulties? 

Challenges make you grow. When we see a successful salesman or entreprenuer getting a big break and achieving strides in their success levels, do we actually know the tons of calls, networking, promotions and refinement of processes that they make?

When we watch world champions in a particular sport on the television, do we actually try to figure out the daily trainings, sacrifices and regiment they stick to before they become champions and get those multi million endorsements from large corporations?

We hope these three quotes will plant a seed on how achieve a better year in the coming year.​


See you in part 2!

Written by Abraham A.L on 12 Dec 2016

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If you want your life to change, then you have to start doing different things.

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Be careful with how you choose to think.

Why most people will be just 'average'.

Too busy to keep up with a close friend or family member? Go pick up the phone. Call or text him or her. Not spending enough time with your loved ones? Make time for it. Relationships need regular nourishment. 

Are you intending to upgrade your skills to improve your career prospects or venture into something that might change your future for the better? Do something about it, set aside time.

Achievers have the same amount of time as anyone. They keep track of their time and energy and focus on what is truly their priority. You can't set aside time for everything. You have to prioritise. You have to make choices. You have to make time by setting it aside and protect it for what is truly important.

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​3) Opportunity does not always present itself on a silver platter.