​​​​​1.    Schedule time for “clean” humour. There is a reason why 'laughter is the best medicine'.

2.    Learn to refrain from saying certain things. Modern society emphasizes so much on speaking up. At times, you may find there is a certain wisdom behind not speaking your mind. Relationships and friendships have been destroyed through careless words, even with the best intentions. 

3.    Keep in touch with nature. Take a walk in the park, or spend an afternoon pondering at the vastness of the sea. We are as much a part of nature as nature is a part of us. 

4.    Take time to look at the stars and admire them. There is a cosmic system far larger than us. Your problems are small in comparison to them. Don't feel overwhelmed with life's challenges. There are things far more complex. 

5.    Make the world a kinder place. Do something nice for others sincerely, and don't expect anything in return. 

6.    Take time to meditate and reflect. We are not machines nor just physical beings. We are also spiritual creatures. 

Check in regularly with your spiritual and emotional being. If you’re feeling down, pause to think what could be the reason.

Could it be a lack of sleep or too much work? Or is a close friend or family member battling an illness?

These things affect our mental and emotional states, so try doing a “brain dump” in order to gain clarity on what’s lifting you up or getting you down in life. Only then can you decide which are the things you should let go or work on to make life better not just for yourself, but for those you’re trying to help too.

7.    Schedule time for ample rest and wholesome recreation. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It makes you grumpy and negative as well. Seasonal hectic schedules are normal, but to prolong hectic schedules will take the enthusiasm and creativity away from you.

8.    Read motivational books and articles regularly. Being positive and motivated does not always guarantee you success in life. A clear goal, strategy,  resilience, discipline, creativity and perseverance may bring you further. Being negative is easy, and a sure start to giving up, leading to premature failure. Bitesizedessentials, and are great sources of positive encouragement and wisdom.

9.    Do not waste time and energy on envying others. We all have different starting points. We all face different challenges in life. A person whom you think has an easier life than yours may not know how to cope with his 'easy problems'.

10.  Learn from the successes and failures of others. You wont have the time to be able to learn everything on your own, whether it’s through your life experience or by reading books.

11.  If you find it hard to forgive others who have hurt you, at least let it go. It will give you space to see that they probably do not realize that they were hurting others. Plotting a revenge hurts your heart and mind, and is a waste of time. Walk away from the urge of vengeance.

12.  Learn good financial management. Some of the people that I know who are consistently broke are those who earn a reasonable income in comparison to people from lower income families, who may actually fare better in life skills such as budgeting.

13.  Keep yourself healthy. Your health and well being are one of the most precious assets that you have been given by nature.

14.  Keep your mind healthy. When it comes to good health, we are often selective of what we eat and drink. Little do many realise that good well being also comes from a healthy mind. Be mindful of the forms of entertainment that you watch and the materials that you read. It has an impact on what you think about and how you think.

15.  Your peers have a subconscious impact on you. Especially the ones you are close to. Birds of a feather flock together. Similarly, you will also take on elements of your peers the longer time you spend with them. If they are consistently whiny and negative without showing the desire to change for the better, minimise your time with them. 

Written by Abraham A.L. 

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