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12 ways to cut costs for the working parent.

1) Avoid eating out. Pack food to work!

A sandwich is easy to make. There are also many nutritious meals that are easy to create. Besides, you are in control of the nutritional value of your meal! Bring a water bottle or flask! Not only do you ensure adequate hydration, you ensure unnecessary intake of sugar and other preservatives.

2) Do not buy new products unnecessarily.

Most of the time we do not need a new gadget unless it really helps to increase your productivity or performance at work.

3) Avoid buying on credit.

The interest rates will damage your finances in the long run. If you really need to own a credit card, do not use it for the sake of using it. Find out how much and what you have to spend on

4) Avoid impulse buying.

Ask yourself, do you really need the item? Most of the time, we don't need those extra discounted items, be it new clothes or snacks. Sales and discounts are good only if you need them.

5) Develop a healthy habit.

Go jog or do body weight exercises. Jog in the park. Do make sure you learn the correct form of to avoid injuries in the long run which will impose costs and inconveniences in the long run.

6) Do something meaningful such as volunteer work.

Reach out to the less fortunate, it will imbibe gratitude in you. Its also good for your spiritual health in the long run!

7) Cultivate reading as an integral part of your life.

Not only is it a relatively inexpensive hobby compared to most others, it makes you more knowledgeable.

8) For entertainment, find out about free events in nearby areas.

There might be artistes who just are starting out and need exposure by performing in free gigs.

9) Find out about your company benefits for its employees.

Many organisations would have some form of health or recreational benefits for its employees provided at a discounted rate.

10) Sacrifice your ego.

Sometimes we purchase expensive items because we would like to feel an edge over those who do not have it. When you see someone else having the same item, you no longer feel unique. But a small dent would already have been created in your finances.

11) Do some spring cleaning in your home or room occasionally.

You might find items that have yet to use or things which have disappeared for a while. Now you do not need to get to the store to purchase these items.

12) Read up on articles on how to save money .

Do some research and exchange ideas with your friends!

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​Originally written on Dec 2015