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10 classroom activities to get to know your students better

Getting to know your students is a vital part of every teacher's job. To properly educate your students, you need to understand what they like, what they do not like, and how they prefer to learn. Getting to know your students can be fun and exciting. There are many ways for teachers to get to know their students. Here are ten ways for you to try.

Give a Survey

A survey is a great way to gather information about your students. The information they provide will be private and for your eyes only so they may be willing to share more about themselves. Include questions about how they like to learn, their hobbies, their friends and family, and even how they react to certain situations. A survey is a great tool to build a base of knowledge about your students.

An Open-Ended Journal Prompt

Having students free write about themselves is a great way to get to know your students. Provide prompts that ask students to tell you a story about a certain experience they might have had. Not only will their writing be super informative, but it will be entertaining too.

Classroom Interviews

Classroom interviews allow you to sit down individually with each student and ask them specific questions. This activity is also a great way for students to practice real-world interview skills as you get to know them.

Name Tag Art Project

Have students create a name tag or card that can sit on their desk. In addition to their name, students should have to answer questions about themselves in drawings on their cards. Favorite color? Favorite animal? Favorite food? All of it can be drawn on the name tag.

Play a Game 

Play is a great way to get kids to open up. Playing a small game at the beginning of class can show you how a student communicates, and problem solves. Information that is valuable in education.

“Who Am I?” Activity

Have students answer the question, “who am I?” on a piece of paper. Make sure they include all of the different roles that they play in life. Students can include hobbies, sports, siblings, jobs, and their own self-perception. Challenge your kids to see who they are from many different perspectives.

Classroom Playlist/Bookshelf/Movie list

Have your students submit their favorite songs, books, or movies into a classroom library that contains everyone’s favorite stuff. You can get to know a lot about a student by the things they choose to share with others.

Heart Maps

Heart maps are simply ways to see what your students care about. Have them draw a heart on a piece of paper and fill it with the things they love and are passionate about. You can even make a large heart for the classroom and fill it with the things everyone in the class loves.

Show and Tell

Show and tell may seem better suited to kindergarten students, but it is a great way to get your students to show what they are proud of. Have students show the class a special object that they have. Make sure that they explain it's significance to their life.

20 Questions

The things that your students are curious about can tell you a lot of valuable information about them. Have students write down 20 questions that they have about the world. The questions can be about anything. As your kids put down what they are wondering about, you will see what they are truly interested in learning. Pick a question each week to research and answer for the class.

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February 2021